3 Outstanding Features Of Sub-Zero Wolf And Cove Refrigerating

As we all now that kitchen is the heart of home. Kitchen has always been one of the fastest growing sections in home improvement industry thanks to the new materials and technologies. So, it is good to constantly learn and get educated with what’s new in the market. We have a designer training section last week for what’s new from Subzero Wolf and Cove, the manufacturer of American-made residential luxury refrigeration, freezers, wine storage units and dishwashing and is known for its signature bold look of the louvered grille over the dual compressors for its refrigeration units. And we are excited to talk about some information here in 3 sections. Today, we will focus on Sub-Zeo Wolf Cove’s refrigerating section.

Before we talk about its refrigeration, here is a brief history about Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove.

History of Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove

Sub-Zeo Wolf and Cove started as a Freezer company back in 1945 in Madison, Wisconsin by introducing the first system for preserving food at ultra-low temperatures—literally sub-zero. The company would quickly establish a reputation for quality and innovation. Today, Sub-Zero Wolf Cove ,is still headquartered and runs operation in Madison WI.

In 2000, Sub-Zero introduced Wolf cooking appliances, bringing professional temperature control into the hands of home cooks with an impressive fifty-product launch. Refined by more than eight decades of commercial kitchen experience, the technology, durability, and design of Wolf make it the ideal kitchen companion to Sub-Zero.

In 2018, Sub-Zero introduced Cove dishwashing, the culmination of decades of research, testing, and technology to ensure sparkling clean and dry dishes with every wash. Like Wolf, Cove was created in the same spirit of quality and innovation as Sub-Zero—and similarly serves as a single-focused kitchen specialist.

Features About Sub-Zeo Wolf And Cove Refrigerating

Sub-Zero Wolf And Cove Show Room In Costa Mesa, SoCal.

“When my grandfather started the business in 1945 there were many, many refrigeration manufacturers throughout North America,” says Jim Bakke, Westye’s grandson and the current president of Sub-Zero. “His strategy was always to build the best, highest-quality refrigeration, because he knew if he did that, he had the staying power that the other people didn’t. If you build a quality product, you will always have customers.” Staying true to Westye’s earliest pioneering efforts, Sub-Zero continues to refine and invent ways to preserve food’s freshness and reduce waste. Here are 3 outstanding features about Sub-Zeo Wolf Cove refrigeration—dual refrigeration system, cleaner air and seals in the cold.

Dual Refrigeration System

Sub-Zero Wolf And Cove pioneered a dual refrigeration system with separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer. This prevents hasty spoilage of fresh food and minimizes freezer burn. Two separate sealed refrigeration systems control the temperature and humidity in the refrigerator and freezer allowing the separate compartments to stay at optimal humidity levels and preventing flavor transfer between them.


Sub-Zero refrigerators come with an air purification system (based on technology developed by NASA) that scrubs the air of ethylene and odor every 20 minutes. Many fresh foods emit ethylene gas; it causes other foods to spoil much faster. By filtering out these gases, along with the bacteria and mold spores found on some fresh produce, your groceries will last longer.


The very doors on a Sub-Zero refrigerator are made with preservation in mind. Sub Zero appliances have a patented vacuum door seal system that helps maintain optimal temperature. All four sides on the unit vacuum seal when you close the door. The seals are so secure that some owners report no thawing of frozen foods after multi-day power outages.

There are 3 lines of Sub-Zero Wolf Cove refrigeration system—classic series, designer series and pro series.

Classic Series

Classic Series

A signature look featuring an iconic grille, discreet hinges, top compressor, and either a stainless or custom panel-ready finish.

Designer Series

Designer Series

A seamless look with flush installation, modular configurations, invisible reveals, and either stainless or “disappearing” custom panels.

Pro Series

A bold, professional look that is equal parts sculpted stainless steel, design statement, and culinary secret weapon.

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