Memorial Day Sale—Lighting Design Rules And These 15 Timeless Chic Lighting Fixtures Will Add A Dash Of Glam To Your Home

Lighting is one of the most critical design factors to make you home look and feel good. Whether you’re looking for a statement chandelier , a classic wall sconce or a minimalist task lamps, let’s talk about some general lighting design rules.

Here are 3 simple rules to consider when you are in the process of choosing right lighting fixtures.

1. Choose a Design Theme That Talks To You
First thing first, explore and define your own style and aesthetic before making any decision on the lighting fixtures by browsing through magazines and Internet( or just sign up our blog since we are talking the lighting all the time). Do you favor more classic over contemporary?  Are you a super fun of boho anything? Will mid-century modern or clean lines reflect who you are? Or you are open to the timeless mixing and matching approach? We know that finding your signature style sometimes can be overwhelming. Rule of the thumb is always choosing the those that you fall in love with and please your eye. After all, besides functionality, lighting fixtures are always a crown jewel in a home.

2. Consider The Layers of Lighting As Part Of Decision Process
Usually, there are three layers of lighting—ambient, task, and accent lighting. All of these three layers work together to delivery necessary work illumination, set the different moods and highlight the zones in your home. Ambient lighting refers to ceiling fixtures like recessed lighting, chandeliers. Task lighting like pendants over an island, under-cabinet lighting, floor reading lamps,table lamps, swing-arm wall sconces that will provide a clear function. Accent lighting is the one to highlight the zones and artworks in a space and it can be more decorative.

 3. Learn How to Hang
How To Hang Pendants: When hanging island pendants, leave about 30–32″ from the island countertop to the bottom of your fixture, and space each pendant about 2.5-feet apart.

How To Hang Linear: For linear island lights, go with a fixture with a length that does not exceed ²/³ of the island. For a very long island, consider two linear lights if your electrical situation allows it.

How To Hang Chandeliers: To calculate the size of your chandelier, multiply ceiling height by 2.5–3 to get suggested height for fixture. An 8’ ceiling calls for a chandelier height of 20–24″. For diameter, add the room’s dimensions and convert sum to inches. A 12′ x 12′ room indicates a chandelier with a 24″ diameter would work.

Ready to shop? Here are our handpicked chandeliers from Memorial Day Sale:

 Hikari 6 Light Chandelier

With Hikari there’s no need to read between the lines—they’re straight, curved, sleek and cool. Deliberately placed decorative round spheres on each arm add a sculptural element. The chandelier sends light in every direction and the swinging sconce lives up to its name—directing light where it’s needed most. Finished in aged brass and available as a wall sconce, plug-in sconce and chandelier in two sizes, Hikari is sure to find a place in your space.

Choose Finish: Aged Brass/Soft White

Sodsai 1 Light Pendant

Crisp, clean and effortlessly chic, Sodsai elevates the traditional pendant light. Pretty scalloped detailing on the natural linen shade soften the design. Just a hint of the clear glass bulb is visible from beneath the shade, sending a bright, clear light below while filling the shade above with a warm glow. The white shade, aged brass finish and black fabric-covered cord perfectly complement each other—and any color scheme.

Shop Sodsai 1 Light Pendant

Clarice Large Chandelier

CANOPY5.5″ Round
SOCKET16 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGE16 – 40 B11
SHADE DETAILS4.25″ x 5″ x 6″
NOTERequires Special Assembly and Installation
WEIGHT25 lbs.


Clarice Large Chandelier in Clear Acrylic and Antique-Burnished Brass with Linen Shades

Shop Clarice Large Chandelier

Lyra Two Tier Chandelier

Lyra Two Tier Chandelier
CANOPY5.25″ Round
SOCKET8 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGE8 – 40 B11
SHADE DETAILS3.5″ x 5″ x 7″
WEIGHT32 lbs.


Lyra Two Tier Chandelier in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass and Crystal with Linen Shades

Shop Lyra Two Tier Chandelier

Bonnington Large Chandelier

Bonnington Large Chandelier
CANOPY6″ Octagonal
SOCKET18 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGE18 – 40 C11
WEIGHT73 lbs.


Bonnington Large Chandelier in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass with Crystal

Shop Bonnington Large Chandelier

Adele Three-Tier Waterfall Chandelier

CANOPY5″ Round
SOCKET12 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGE12 – 40 C11
WEIGHT90 lbs.


Adele Three-Tier Waterfall Chandelier in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass with Clear Acrylic

Shop Adele Three-Tier Waterfall Chandelier

Talia Large Chandelier

CANOPY5″ Round
SOCKET8 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGE8 – 40 B11
NOTEAssembly Required
WEIGHT37 lbs.

Shop Talia Large Chandelier

Cristol Large Tiered Chandelier

Shop Cristol Large Tiered Chandelier

Mia Medium Barrel Chandelier

Shop Mia Medium Barrel Chandelier

Vacarro Large Chandelier

Vacarro Large Chandelier
CANOPY7″ Round
SOCKET12 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGE12 – 6.5 LED B11
NOTERequires Assembly
WEIGHT42 lbs.


Vacarro Large Chandelier in Plaster White

Shop Vacarro Large Chandelier

Radford Medium Chandelier

Radford Medium Chandelier
CANOPY5.5″ Round
SOCKET6 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGE6 – 25 B11
SHADE DETAILS3″ x 7.75″ x 4.75″
WEIGHT15 lbs.


Radford Medium Chandelier in Natural Brass and Natural Rift Oak with Linen Shades

Shop Radford Medium Chandelier

Mandeville Linear Chandelier

WIDTH42″ x 24″
CANOPY5.5″ Round
SOCKET6 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGE6 – 40 G16.5
WEIGHT17 lbs.


Mandeville Linear Chandelier in Antique Gold Leaf

ShopMandeville Linear Chandelier

Iberia Large Chandelier

Iberia Large Chandelier
CANOPY5.5″ Round
SOCKET6 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGE6 – 40 C11
WEIGHT16 lbs.


Iberia Large Chandelier in Antique Gold Leaf

Shop Iberia Large Chandelier

Alberto Large Two Tier Chandelier

WIDTHWidth: 49″
CANOPYCanopy: 5.5″ Round
SOCKETSocket: 8 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGEWattage: 8 – 60 G16.5
CHAIN LENGTHChain Length: 6′
WEIGHTWeight: 26 lbs.


Alberto Large Two Tier Chandelier in Antique Gold Leaf

Shop Alberto Large Two Tier Chandelier

Hampton Large Chandelier

WIDTHWidth: 25.5″
CANOPYCanopy: 6″ Round
SOCKETSocket: 6 – E12 Candelabra
WATTAGEWattage: 6 – 60 C11
CHAIN LENGTHChain Length: 6′
WEIGHTWeight: 13 lbs.


Hampton Large Chandelier in Plaster White

Shop Hampton Large Chandelier

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