Tour A Modern London Townhouse

Today we are going to tour a charming London townhouse. It’s a modern house with classical bones and a bit of British humor.


We like the grey and pearl color palette with a subtle pop of blue here in the entry. The feeling here is open, airy yet inviting and grounded thanks to a striking spiral staircase design, abundance of natural light, soft velvet fabric on the round settee and a traditional wood flooring.

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Tour A LA Modern Home Inspired By Traditional Cottages

LA homes are often well known for their quirky mid-century modern style mixed with antique and vintage pieces. Today, we are going to tour a modern home that is inspired by traditional cottages.

We love this double-height windows to bring in abundance of natural light at the entry. The vintage runner and an Italian oval travertine table add warmth to this high-ceiling entry.

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Tour Rechio Hotel in Italy

Reschio is a new hotel in Italy and will be open this year. We came across this beautifully designed hotel during our new year holiday weekends and fell in love with it . We love the color schemes, amazing local craftsmanship, the organic approach of using materials, the art of mixing of old-world charm and contemporary pieces and the romantic country vibes. Here are some of our favorite designs.

We love the organic stucco walls. They are truly an old-word charm and have an underestimated beauty.

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Home Trends 2021—Home Offices and Nooks

It is not surprise that the trend of remote work will continue in 2021 and homeowners will double-down on creating efficient dedicated offices, work nooks and backyard cottages where they can stay focus for their creative projects, constantly feel inspired for their remote work and be more efficient on helping their kids’ school tasks. Today we are going to talk about 3 top home office styles in 2021.

  1. Scandinavia cozy with a warm and cheerful color palette.

 There will be a lot natural light, natural materials, plants, and some cozy decor items in a Scandi style home office.

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Home Trends 2021—Shades of Brown

With 2020 winding down in front of eyes, we would love to share some of our insights on home trends in the year of 2021. After all, it is always exciting to look forward to a brighter future and home has grown so much closer to us than ever before when we are experiercing a long, long pandemic crisis. For most of us , home is only the sanctuary at this time that makes us feel relaxing and safe. As home will continue to be our refugee in the year of 2021, there is no resaon that we don’t want to make it better. One of the trends we have being seen is that different shades of brown are coming back strongly from brown wall paint, brown furniturer, brown flooring to brown home decor accessories. Basically any earth tone such as warm taupes, beiges, sands is surging in popularity. The trend may be an evolution from popular whites and grays of recent years since brown as an accent color works well to bring warmth to a palette heavy with those colors. And brown can also make us feel familiar and grounded at this uncertain time.

Brown Wall Paint

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Boxing Day on Balboa Island

The day after the Christmas Day, we visited Balboa Island. Balboa Island is a harborside community located in Newport Beach, California. It is such a lovely small town with an old-world charm. Evey year, the town will host Christmas lighting competition. The residences really put up a great effort to make their Christmas decor look outstanding. We was there earlier on Dec. 26th to make sure that we would not caught up in a big crowd. Again, the weather was gorgious and it was such a fun to stroll around the town and by the beach to see the beautiful Christmas decor.

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Christmas on Rodeo Drive

We love to visit Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills during the holiday seasons. Rodeo Drive is home to the most luxurious fashion houses in the world. There is a pretty amazing lighting show each year and the window Christmas decor of each shop along the street is truly top-notch. This year they has put up an amazing fashion show —-nine huge mannequins bedecked in glittering Christmas trees, metallic gowns, and glowing ornaments, are now using the center median of Rodeo Drive from Santa Monica to Wilshire Boulevard as their catwalk. A tenth mannequin is installed at the entrance at Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way.

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Christmas Day Hiking

We were so lucky that the weather on the Christmas Day was warm and sunny. We went to hike in Franklin Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. Franklin Canyon Park is a public municipal park located near Benedict Canyon, at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, in Los Angeles, California. The park comprises 605 acres, and is located at the purported geographical center of the city of Los Angele. The views here are just amazing.

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