Tour A Modern Parisian Pied-à-Terre

The contrast of refined and organic and the mix of vintage, modern and custom-made undoubtedly create an interesting and timeless interior. A home is such a soft place for us to lean on specially in today’s pandemic crisis. We love the romantic Parisian style and we are even more attracted to those with a quiet gesture thanks to the muted color palette , the use of natural materials and the perfect balance of different elements. Today we are going to tour such a peaceful and elegant home—a Parisan Pied-à-Terre.

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Tour A Modern Sleek Manhattan Apartment With A Casual and Cozy Vibe

A modern and sleek minimalism style doesn’t need to be cold and stark. We came Across this Manhattan apartment today and were drew by its color palette, fluid floor plan and just about right doses of Patten and texture to make it warm, inviting and youthful.


The entry door design is quite striking and sets the tone of the uniqueness of the interiors.

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Boxing Day on Balboa Island

The day after the Christmas Day, we visited Balboa Island. Balboa Island is a harborside community located in Newport Beach, California. It is such a lovely small town with an old-world charm. Evey year, the town will host Christmas lighting competition. The residences really put up a great effort to make their Christmas decor look outstanding. We was there earlier on Dec. 26th to make sure that we would not caught up in a big crowd. Again, the weather was gorgious and it was such a fun to stroll around the town and by the beach to see the beautiful Christmas decor.

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Christmas Day Hiking

We were so lucky that the weather on the Christmas Day was warm and sunny. We went to hike in Franklin Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. Franklin Canyon Park is a public municipal park located near Benedict Canyon, at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, in Los Angeles, California. The park comprises 605 acres, and is located at the purported geographical center of the city of Los Angele. The views here are just amazing.

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5 Kitchen Christmas Decor Ideas

It seems we all need a little bit inspiration on Friday, partially Christmas is just a week away. If you plan to get yourself busy this coming weekend to set up your Christmas decor, we have something special for you . Since a kitchen is the hub of the home, we are going to share 5 kitchen Christmas decorating ideas in today’s blog.

  1. A touch of holiday greenery or garlands is such a simple and classical way to bring in holiday festivity.
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Last-Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is nearly upon us! Have you got everything in place? If not, no need to panic, we’ve got several last-minute Thanksgiving ideas for you from holiday decor, meals, to wines and cocktails . Here is our round-up :

Home Decor

  1. Harvest whatever fruits and vbegetables you grow from your backyard and make them a center-piece. Nature always preserves the best gifts for us at the right time.
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Tour a Modern Chicago Farmhouse with a Vibe of The Belgian Countryside

If you are just like us and feel pretty stressed in the middle of the week. We have something special for you — a modern Chicago farmhouse with a Belgian countryside vibe. So sit back and take a deep breath, let’s tour this amazing home together. Who wouldn’t want to chill out by the countryside at this moment?

The Exterior

We love the minimalism exterior with the unifying color palette and simple forms. The wooden doors make us feel very homey and inviting.

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Tour a Seaside Relaxing Connecticut Retreat

The first thing we are attracted to a home often is its color palette, something that pleases our eye. Then, what makes us pause and start to really study each space is how it is layered up by leveraging texture, lighting, shadow,..etc. It is in the middle of the week , we would like to give you a tour to a seaside Connecticut retreat with a relaxing meditation room and soothing spa. Here are our favorites.


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Tour a Minimalism Apartment in Chicago

Minimalism doesn’t need to be stark and cold. By adding textures, vintage pieces and a little subtle warm color tones, a minimalism home can be elegant, inviting and warm. This is why we fall in love with a chic Chicago apartment designed by Kara Mann. Here are some of our favorite highlights.

Living Room

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Saturday Hiking

Today’s weather was almost 100 degree again. So we decided to hike along the coastal line again.

We had so much fun to hike along back bay trail to Upper Newport Bay Natural Preserve, where salt water and fresh water meet to create a very dynamic Eco-system.

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