5 Way to Create an Elegant Office


Hello, Monday!  The last Monday of January 2016.  Can you believe that it’s almost a full month since new year.  I hope we all still keep our new year resolutions.   No matter what we do, we all want to have a private space where we are able to recharge and can stay focus.  Here is an office  design project we did in this January. And there are 5 ways to create the space like this:

  1. Choose simple yet chic and fresh color palette. Blush, black and white are the colors for this space.  This color palette is formal yet relaxing.
  2. Have a comfortable chair that you are able to sit for a little bit longer.  And of course, good-looking too.
  3. Have a lots of natural lights.
  4. Have a big bookcase for storage and displaying some of your favorite items.
  5. Yes, fresh flowers, please.




Sneak Peek of a Room Make-Over

It’s Monday again. Luckily, the temperature in LA lowers 10 degree.  It’s only 90 degree.  I know.   But if you head the news, LA was over 100 degree over the weekend. It was kind of crazy.  Since today’s weather is better, I am in the mood to post something nice.  We are in the middle of finishing this room make-over. The details will follow. Here is the sneak peek.


Have a Wonderful Monday


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