6 Smart Book Shelving Ideas For A Stylish Home Office

One of the great ways to make your home office organized, functional with full of personality is to have a right book shelving unit in your home office. Today we are going to share 6 ideas that you may feel helpful to start your new year in an unclutter manner.

  1. Built-in bookshelves. The built-in bookshelf is the ultimate way to maximize your space usage and elevate your home office in a big way, particularly when you opt to creating an old-wold charming home library.

Dark colors often create an enveloped cocoon that is moody and cozy.
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9 Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Books in High Style

If you have a lot of books just like us and often wonder where  you put your ever-growing collection once you’ve run out of space on your shelves, please bear this thought in your mind that books don’t just belong to your home library.  That being said, yes,   you can use books to decorate your home in creative ways.   And yes, decorating your home with books can bring a soul and add a tasteful artsy flair to your home, making your home come alive with full of personality.  Plus, Interesting books intrigue a conversation  when you have guests come over or calm you down when you are home alone.   Today, we are going to share 9 ideas to decorate your home with books in high style and purposeful ways.

In an  Entry:

An entry is where you want to wow your guests but at the same time to make them feel inviting and warm.  A stack of books have a magical power to ground any space. So  displaying beautifully covered large-format books together with stunning collectable decor objects and artwork in your entry often can help achieve this goal.  The key here is to choose large books with beautiful  cover design and colors that  nicely contrast or are  cohesive with the rest of the house.

A stack of black-and-white books  echo the black-framed artwork above to create a neat yet chic entry vignette.

A stack of black-and-white books pick up  black from the artwork and urn bases.

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