9 Tips to Clean Brass

Brass is here to stay regardless how quite a few  influencers or bloggers said it is going to tone down for the home furnishing market in the year of 2020. First of all, not all brass products create equal. Second of all, brass is here to stay after we went to visited Las Vegas Market earlier this year and were invited over to many many trend reports for the past  5 months. Third, just as the design has been always evolving, this is the same for  brass decor objects. We have been seeing a lot of brass applications in  modern design in lighting fixtures, furniture, decorative plumbings, tiles, tabletops. Also,  brass can be a very timeless decor piece and it all depends on how you pair them with other materials and objects.  We love to use brass for our design projects since it always adds a touch of luxury to any space.

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Fall 2017 Home Fashion Trends I

We have been busy with fall home markets lately here in Los Angeles. Here are some trends we explored from the different markets.


  1. Brass and gold touch continues to go strong—classic, modern and upscale.



2. Dynamic lampshade design— it’s fun, playful and makes a statment.



3.  Upholstered  tables–fresh,warm, inviting and  fashionable.