Tour A Modernized Malibu Hacienda

Best-known for their white stucco walls, red clay roof tiles, and use of heavy, rustic wood accents, hacienda-style homes have been extremely popular across the southwestern United States—as well as California and Florida—or decades. Sharing many characteristics with Spanish Colonial architecture, Spanish architecture, and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, hacienda architecture has long history in countries like Spain and Mexico, but made its way to the United States between the 1600s and the mid-1800s.

With celebrating the rustic elegance and timeless appeal of the old-world country estates, a Hacienda interior style is often featured with high-beamed ceilings, cool tiled floors and the use of decorative wrought-iron and carved-stone. Today we are going to tour a Malibu Hacienda that is recently transformed into a serene oasis with contemporary art and comfort.


Living Room

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Tour Chelsea Handler ‘s Warm and Contemporary Bel Air Home

Chelsea Handler’s Bel Air home has a good location with a beautiful lush hillside landscape. Chelsea Handler bought this home  10 years ago.  And  she took a lot of efforts to modernize this home, bright it up by using a lot of light colors, and at the same time, make it warm, inviting and  cozy enough to entertain her friends and family here.  We are totally obsessed with the breath-taking California vibe she has crafted  throughout the years–soft, bright, airy, modern and relaxing indoor-outdoor style. She  has a lot of artworks in her house either she purchased by herself over the years or the gifts from her friends. And she said she usually doesn’t have any idea about those artwork until several years later. Isn’t that cute?

We summarize several design highlights we really like about her home below. So get ready for a cup of coffee, tea or glass of wine, sit back and enjoy.

1. Replace some of the walls with floor-to-the-ceiling glass windowpanes to bring in more nature light to create that typical California indoor-and-outdoor vibe.


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