In Love with Cottagecore

Have you heard about cottagecore recently? We have started to hear about this term more and more specially under the current epidemic crisis. People are seeking a more simpler and tranquiler life style to reduce the stress. Cottagecore is now becoming a new internet sensation that celebrates a return to traditional skills and crafts such as foraging, baking, and pottery, and is related to similar nostalgic aesthetic movements such as grandmacore, farmcore, goblincore, and faeriecore.

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Friday Vibes

We probably all have certain stay-at-home fatigue. But life is about celebrating every moment. Just In case you kind of need some fresh ideas to get motivated to plan your weekend, read on to see what inspires us.

Country Life

Having a chicken coup may help us slow down life a little bit and forget what’s going on outside of the crazy world.

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