A Charming Farmhouse

This adorable farmhouse is truly my inspiration for Monday.  I am in love with the whimsical fabric through the whole house.   The house is where bedding  designer Bailey McCarthy spend weekends with her family.


love this airy dining space.  The floral pattern on the round dining table adds a touch of sophistication to this grandma’s rustic farm house. The pink lamp shades are  icing on the cake.  The lime-green on the chairs really please eyes and makes the space fashionable.
Love the pink check sofa and chinze daybed. Who wouldn’t want to chill out here?
A Modern brass victorian pendant echo the origin of the house in an updated way. Love the contrast.
The olival green walls create such a soothe  enclave to rest and wind down.

If you tour the whole house by clicking here


I hope you can find inspiration from the tour.