Room Design—A Chic Modern Family Room With A Touch Of Glam And Sophistication

Summer is officially here. It is the perfect time to freshen up your home for an easy breezy vibe. We have designed a series of rooms to celebrate this cheerful season. Today’s family room design is inspired by Cali’s indoor outdoor living style.

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Spring 2022 Moodboard—A Glam Living Room

No winter lasts forever. We are so ready for spring. Spring represents a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to make a change. All the changes will start from home, which will spark the positive changes in our life. We have designed a series of room moodboards for our spring 2022 lookbook. Today, we would love to present Spring 2022 moodboard—a glam living room.

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Our Curated Mood-Boards Created For Memorial Day Sale—Living Room

We have curated several living room mood-boards for Memorial Day sale and will constantly update this blog. So please come back here and check out what’s new along the Memorial Day sale week. The memorial Day Sale deals are up to 70% off. All the stocks are changing all the time.

Chic Living Room 1

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Room Design—A Timeless Chic Living Room with a Sophisticated Look

It is always a fun to create a home style that reflects who we are as a person. So we can be best ourselves by living here. To have a timeless style is to stay true to ourselves. So take time to sought out the style and pick the objects that we are in love with.

This living room we designed here is chic, glamorous and ladylike. It is for someone who appreciates art and beautiful things, who has a distinguished taste and loves the details. A touch of red on the channeled sofa, the floral print skirted chair add dose of romance.

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