6 Ways to Create Chic Living Room in an Old House

Here is the living room we just did last week. The house itself is kind of old Meditation style and the owner wants to give it face-lift starting from her living room.  Our intension is to fresh it up while keeping the original architectural bone.  Here are 5 steps we did for this project:

  1. Paint the walls, ceilings and moldings in same color to create muted backdrop  for later furnishings pop up.
  2. Open up the whole room by using more less chunky and heavy furniture.
  3. Different style chairs and sofa make the space more playful.
  4. Use warm pastel colors to make the room lighter and airier.
  5. Plays patterns and textures on accent pillows.
  6. Have brass and guided gold-leaf to give the room classic and expensive looking.
  1. mondaymeeting-2