Tour A Reborn California Home With Sophistication And Comfort

We love this California home thanks to its refined yet comfy vibe.

The house is modernized with a classical silhouette.

The house is modernized with a classical silhouette. And the symmetry design of the house gives it a grandeur feel.

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Tour a Comfortable and Glamorous Modern Home in Melbourne

We came across this Melbourne apartment today and were impressed by its museum-like space artfully filled with bold furniture and interesting objects. What even amazing is that this apartment is actually not that big but the designer himself curated such a sophisticated interior that everyone is going to fall in love with.

Living Room

Overall, this is a quite clean-line modern home. However, the orange brown low-profile velvet sofa is warm and inviting while the brass mushroom table lamp brings in a touch of glamor. We love the coffee-table books on the cocktail table. Artworks are quite 70s style.

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Tour A Cheerful Los Angeles Home

When people have a passion for life, we often can tell from their home, which will often fills with cheers and love. Today, we are going to virtually tour actor and musician  Hilary Duff’s Los Angeles home.


We love this patched Bohemia vintage runner. It creates such a relaxing, casual and comfy vibe. All the white walls and trims perfectly balance off the cheerful color and pattern.

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5 ways to Create a Resort-Feel Home

Summer is in full steam.Usually this is the season for us to plan a get-away summer vocation. We probably all have a long list for a get-away trip and dream about cozying up in our tropical island resort by the sea. Obviously, it is not possible for most of us to do so at the current pandemic situation. We might have to spend more time at home for a while. But please don’t get frustrated? How about creatively plan a stay-at-home vocation? Yes, we mean bringing some magical resort vibes to home. We just have to do what we can do best at every moment. Read on for our 5 steps on how to create a inspirational and relaxing resort decor at home.

  1. First, please schedule a day or two for deep cleaning and de-cluttering before we bring in freshness. Today is the tax day. So it will be a perfect time for home cleaning right after this daunting and overwhelming tax task. To learn how to de-clutter at home, please click here.
  2. Think about bring outdoor in by introducing natural fiber furnishings since we are always drawn to nature and nature makes us feel good.

Everything in wicker both in fashion and home is on-trend now thanks to our acknowledgement on the positive impact of a healthy living environment. Nature wicker organic furnishings represent understated graceful beauty.  They make us feel warm and relaxing.   Because of their vintage look and relaxed feel, wicker furnishings can blends well with almost every decor style, from boho to mid-century and the classic style.

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8 Ways to Design Your Home for Comfort and Creativity


In the above photo, facing circular sofas support co0nversation and togetherness.


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In the photo above, just adding a natural chair or two lends an entirely new look to a whole room without undertaking an entire makeover. Continue reading