Room Design— A Modern Dining Room

modern and glam dining room

Dinner will be served. Happy Friday. It would be such a dream to gather at this table with family and friends over the weekend or just enjoy a fancier yet relaxing dining at home over the weekday. The dining table is super glam and modern while the blush linen upholstered dining chairs bring in a casual elegance. We often use symmitrical design for the dining room to create a formal and tailored feel. The large-scale baby-blue vases and tall table lamps are proprotional to this high-ceiling dining room. The vintage artwork group personizes this dining room.

To get the look, you can now purchase the PDF file with a Mood-Board and Resource List ( the items we used for the design)for this modern dining room:

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Happy Friday

Room Design—A Resort Style Living Room at Home

The wood furniture, wick wall decor and chinoiserie touch on pillows and vases magically transform a rather polished and glamorous living room to a home getaway with a casual and relaxing vibe. This summer, we might not be able to travel the world, but we can create a resort decor at home and bring things that are natural and exotic to please our heart. Interested in how we did this resort-style living room? Now you can download our design packages:

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Room Design—A Timeless Chic Living Room with a Sophisticated Look

It is always a fun to create a home style that reflects who we are as a person. So we can be best ourselves by living here. To have a timeless style is to stay true to ourselves. So take time to sought out the style and pick the objects that we are in love with.

This living room we designed here is chic, glamorous and ladylike. It is for someone who appreciates art and beautiful things, who has a distinguished taste and loves the details. A touch of red on the channeled sofa, the floral print skirted chair add dose of romance.

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Tour An Ethereal New York City Loft With A West Coast Vibe


Home in West Coast is all about light, airy and coziness.  A pristine loft apartment with soaring ceilings and monumental windows in a historic 19th-century building in NYC  was just transformed into a cozy West -Coast-like home. Here are the highlights of our favorites.




The loft is full of natural light. So the earthy elements such as wood panelings were introduced to anchor this light-filled space. We love this  mixed-media piece by Thea Djordjadze  over the console.  A stump stool is just adorable.  The take-away design lesson here is to have the master artwork and unique furnishings  in the entry to create that wow factor while using earthy elements to delivery an inviting and understated feel.

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Amazing Williamsburg® Paint Color Collection by Benjamin Moore

Hi, guys, it’s Monday. So let’s enjoy some Monday Blue:

The West Parlor at Washington’s Mount Vernon was first painted an eye-popping Prussian blue in 1787.
Courtesy Mount Vernon Ladies’ Assn.

As part of signature 18th century colonial colors, this Prussian Blue truly lighted up my Monday.

This morning, I came across the blog by Quintessence —At Home in Colonial Williamsburg with Anthony Baratta.  

Collaborating with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Benjamin Moore actually introduced Williamsburg® Paint Color Collection with 144 colors back 2013.   Here are some of my favorites:
Upper Walls:  CW-585  Ewing Blue
Lower Walls:  CW-30  Market Square Shell
Ceiling:  CW-595  Chesapeake Blue
Trim:  CW-5  Harwood Putty
Walls:  CW-50  Tyler Gray
Ceiling:  CW-650  Palace Pearl
Walls:  Washington Blue  CW-630
Highboy:  Cornwallis Red  CW-315
Here are several more:
A stunning example of the depth of color unearthed by Colonial Williamsburg research is seen here in this powder room, painted in Carter Plum CW-355.
Bassett Hall Green CW-480, shown on the walls of this stairwell, with risers in Geddy Gray CW-720, reflect how the traditional paint colors of the Williamsburg® Paint Color Collection can combine distinct colors for a fresh and sophisticated look.
Well you can tell  that the color palettes for Williamsburg Paint Color collection are truly timeless and quite adapt to today’s contemporary living.
In case you are planning to do some fresh make-over for your home to celebrate the coming holiday season, this might be the perfect paint collection for you. And you can explore the whole Williamsburg® Paint Color Collection by clicking here
And of course, if you would like to learn more about autistic colonial colors in 18th century such as Prussian Blue I mentioned at the very beginning of this blog, you can click here to read more.
In addition, we have curated a set of Williamsburg home decor accessories for you here:
The Chinoiseries door surround in the Supper Room of the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia, inspired the Fincastle Mirrors. Made of solid hardwood, covered in antique silver metal leaf with an antique lacquer finish. Get the Price
The brass sculptures of tea drinking Chinese men, named “Hyson” and “Bohea” were inspired by 18th-century tea accoutrements held by The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, for Chinese teas were popular in 18th-century Virginia. The historical impact of tea cannot be understated. British demand for tea wares sparked the Industrial Revolution, and a British tax on tea led to the American Revolution. Colonial Williamsburg’s bountiful collections of 18th-century tea wares – made to accommodate the new social ceremony?which are designed with a “Trend Meets Tradition” approach that keeps them fresh. The English have been smitten with Asian goods and designs “in the Chinese taste” since Catherine of Braganza brought a dowry of Asian trade routes to her marriage to King Charles II of England in 1662. The WILLIAMSBURG “Bohea” and Hyson” sculptures were motivated by a print in the Colony. Get the Price
Williamsburg Traditional Beveled Accent Mirror
Take a step back through time while peering into the Governor’s Palace Mirror from the WILLIAMSBURG collection. The neoclassical design of the past has been updated to fit in any modern space. Buy Williamsburg Traditional Beveled Accent Mirror
Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 6.09.05 PM
Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 6.09.17 PM

Get the design and the furnishing guide  for this modern classic living room: 



Get the design and the furnishing guide for this modern classic entry:



Happy Monday with a Lot of Blue

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Lee Radziwill’s Chic Paris’s Pied-à-terre

Couple of days ago, i wrote about Lee Radzwill’s (March 3rd 1933–Feb. 15th 2019)New York apartment.   You can click here to read the story.    Lee Radzwill is a former European princess and actress, socialite, interior decorator, sister of the late Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (1994).  She  owned properties in New York, London and Paris.  Each home really reflects her personalities as a style icon.  Today, I am going to show you her Paris pied-à-terre, her love at first sight.   Overlooking  Avenue Montaigne with a view of the Eiffel Tower, the home was originally decorated by Christian Liaigre,  it is perhaps one of the most iconic Parisian abodes of the 20th century.  Her Paris home was featured three times on magazines, Vogue in 2003,  ELLE Decor in 2009 and Times in 2013 and it had being evolved each time.

Lee Radziwill in her Paris apartment.
Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, August 2003
Elle Decor, 2009

We can see the style in her Paris apartment is very different from her New York home. As herself said of her New York apartment :” but it’s extremely full. So it’s wonderful to have the contrast [in Paris] of having it totally Zen, totally peaceful. In what other city do you find doves outside your window…”   All of the furniture in her Paris home is clean-lined, yet there are gilded antique mirrors, gilded coffee tables, floral upholstery ,tons of artworks and books and a lot of detailed soft touches.  Her interiors are just like the way she dressed—modern , elegant and chic, yes American chic.

Elle Decor 2013. Don’t you love these chinoiserie patterned fabric?  This is her favorite Chinoiserie Le Manach fabric which brings the soul, feminity and elegance to the room.
This is the real-estate photo when the house was put on sale several years ago.
Another real-estate photo when the house was put on sale several years ago.
Obviously, pink is her favorite color.  With a large amount of creams and whites in the back ground,  mixed patterns of stripes, chinoiserie played off with pink on the sofa..  It is just such an elegant and peaceful place you want to wind down.
Again, pink, stripe pattern, plant artworks, florals, neutrals for the  background and the sunshines… I would love to just sit here for the whole day watching doves flying by.
Chic, chic, chic…
A true style icon.

Get the design and the furnishing guide  for this modern classic living room: 

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modern Claypool 88" Recessed Arm Sofa in blush
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Phoenicia Velvet Curved 70.5" Round Arm Loveseat in blush
Phoenicia Velvet Curved 70.5″ Round Arm Loveseat

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Rensselaer Curved Loveseat in blush
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St. Germain Velvet Round Arm Curved Sofa

St. Germain Velvet Round Arm Curved Sofa in blush and brass base
St. Germain Velvet Round Arm Curved Sofa

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Hollywood Velvet 108" Square Arm Sofa tufted in blush
Hollywood Velvet 108″ Square Arm Sofa

Hani 27″ Bar Stool

Hani 27" Bar Stool in blush and brass base
Hani 27″ Bar Stool

Wickley 26″ Counter Stool (Set of 2)

Wickley 26" Counter Stool (Set of 2)

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