Holiday ShowHouse of KHK Designs 2018—2019

It might be a little bit late to post our Holiday ShowHouse 2018–2019.  But come on, it’s still Jan of 2019 and Chinese New year is coming.  So it’s time to be festive and it’s time to celebrate.

The inspiration of our Holiday ShowHouse 2018—2019 is inspired by Pantone Color of the Year 2019–Live Coral—fashionable, bold, youthful, energetic and innovative.  After several years of muted color palettes, millennium pink and grey, we feel it is time to break through to celebrate holidays with something fresh. Therefore, we are able to stay prospective for the future.  Meanwhiles, Holidays are truly about traditions. We mix and match traditions with modern, Live Coral with vintage pink, emerald green with hot pink, camel with purple, Chinoiserie accessories with minimalism furniture, geometric patterns with classic forms and fine crystals with organic ceramic.   The end result of this year’s holiday show house decoration is fun, edgy, playful  yet still elegant and sort of traditional.  Enjoy!


Click here to watch Holiday Show-house of KHK Designs 2017—2018

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5 Keys to Create a Chic and Functional Home office

There are 5 keys to create a chic and functional home office:

  1. Have a solid floor plan to think through how you are going to use the space–working desk, lounge area, meeting zone…
  2. Have a chic color palette to make you focus yet relaxing.  The color palette in this project is pink, blue and black. It’s chic, youthful.
  3. Have one strong statement. We painted ceiling in pink. This makes the space very whimscal.
  4. Keep it symmetrical—the key to make small space look bigger and organized.
  5. Have greenery—green plants relax you and put you in a cheerful mood.

Happy Wednesday


6 Tips to Create a Fashionable and Serene Space

August is the season of creation.  And you may want to try something new for the place you call home.  Remember, you can always start small.  Maybe it is a room or space you have thought a while and eager to get some ideas. Today, I would like to share 6 tips to create an elegant and  soothe space by using the project we just did as a case study.

1. The most important question before planning anything  is to ask yourself: what is the purpose of the room and how would you like to use it? For this case, the client would like to create a serene space where she can truly relax and read books.

2. Next, choose the color palette you love with a little drama. For this reading room, we used the color palette of gray, pale blue, cream and peach to create a very serene atmosphere. Then we used a touch of gold to make the space look upscale and classy.  The client has a very cheerful personality.  Therefore, we introduced the jewelry tones.  With pops of jewelry tones on the decor books, the space looks fashionable and youthful.

Soothing color palette
Soothing color palette

3. Have pieces of quality unique furniture to reflect your taste.  We handpicked every piece for this room based on what the client favors.  They are truly one-of-a-kind.

charming items
charming items–if you are interested in any of these items, please contact

4. Details matter: have a beautiful tray to create a charming vignette for storytelling.

5. If possible, always have drapery panels to create timeless elegancy.

6. Having flowers everywhere is always a very feminine and fresh touch.

Serene Beauty
Serene Beauty

I hope you enjoy these tips.

Happy Tuesday