Holiday Essentials— Our 6 Picks Of Unique Dining Room Furniture Pieces That Are On Sale Now(72-Hour Deals)

From minimalism to modern farmhouse style, here are our 6 picks of unique dining room furniture pieces that are on sale now(72-Hour Deals, up to 30% off).

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4th Of July Deals 2021 —21 Chic And Glam Sideboards We Love

What’s your big plan for your 4th of July celebration? If you are still thinking, we have some ideas for you, click here to check out our 4th of July style guides. And yes, here are our handpicked 4th of July deals–chic and glam furniture pieces that are our readers’ top lists.

Safavieh Couture Saturn Wave Acrylic Sideboard – Moss

Safavieh Couture Saturn Wave Acrylic Sideboard - Moss

This contemporary wave acrylic sideboard makes a luxurious statement in any dining room. It is designed with luxurious acrylic legs and gold finish. Crafted with wood, its artistic wave design, this will be a unique design to any bedroom setting.


  • Wave design
  • Available in light pink, white and moss
  • Contemporary style
  • Made with wood 
  • Acrylic legs
  • Gold finish
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