Podcast: Episode 10—Cocktail Talk On Chinoiserie

Our weekly Cocktail Talk is to break up from our daily work routine and have a talk over cocktails about everything that interests us. Today’s talk is our Episode 10. In today’s episode, we talk about Chinoiserie,  cocktail Press(see below recipe), new smart home technologies . You can check out the following smart home technologies we mentioned in this episode. So please enjoy!

To learn more about Chinoiserie

Cocktail: Press
2 oz whiskey
lemon-lime soda or ginger ale.

Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Chemical: Indoor Air Quality Monitor (Tracks PM2.5, Fine Dust, Chemicals (TVOCs), Temperature, and Humidity)

6 Steps to Create a Stylish Dressing Room

Pretty Dressing Room
Pretty Dressing Room

A pretty dressing room is every woman’s dream. It really doesn’t matter how big or small the home is, there is a always a way to make it stylish.  The dressing space we designed here is actually at the corner of the master bedroom. Here are the 5 steps we took to make the space very special:

  1. A pink pleated vanity chair sets the tone for the functionality of the corner.
  2. A white-lacquered make-up desk with brass hardwares makes the space classy yet modern.
  3. A whimsical lacquered mirror echoes the makeup desk and lights up the corner space.
  4. Lavender Chinoiserie wallpaper has a very feminine touch to the space.
  5. A two-tiered tray makes the desk very neat and organized.
  6. Pink and red peonies give a fresh and elegant touch.

If you are planning doing something about your dressing room, I hope these 6 tips help.

All the Best



6 Ideas to Celebrate Holidays at Home

Happy 4th of July weekend!  I believe you already have tons of  plans loaded up. But if you are a homy body, we have some ideas for you:

1. Have fresh in-season flowers and put them in unexpected areas. This will put you in festive mood immediately.


2. Time to pamper yourself— have a stylish brunch at the bed with sunshine.


3. Have a home high-tea  time with loved ones :

tea time
tea time

4. Host a small out-door party:



5. Work out your beach-body at home:


6. Sit in a tranquil  corner and do nothing:


Hope you find one of ideas suite you!