A Stylish Home Office


Today’s mood color palette is blue-and-white because summer is still here and we want to enjoy every bit of  it.  Here is the home office we recently did:

  1. Blue-and-white color theme for staying cool in the heat of the summer.
  2. Mix of mid-century and classic through the patterns and forms to make the space fresh, interesting and timeless.
  3. A touch of gold highlights classic tone of the room.
  4. Channel-back chair is quite trendy in 2016.

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Happy Wednesday



Work Beautifully


What is your dream workspace?  My office fantasy is the one:

  1. Have a lot of natural lights;
  2. Have a big lacquer work desk;
  3. A comfortable seating;
  4.  A stylish antique chair upholstered with chinoiserie fabric;
  5. And fresh flowers.

What about yours?

Hello March


Work in progress.   March means beginning of Spring.  Do you have any special plan?  Maybe it’s time to have a new home office.  Here are 6 ways to create an elegant office:

  1. Make color palette simple.
  2. Use drapery.
  3. Have a big work desk.
  4. Have a lt of natural lights.
  5. Hide away your storage.
  6. Fresh flowers.

6 Steps to Create an Office Like a Jewelry Box

When ThanksGiving is approaching, we start to think about the ways to thank our families, friends.  Maybe the first person we should thank is ourselves.  If so, how about to create a newly work environment to stimulate our creativity?   Here are 5 steps to create an office like a jewelry box:

Office like a jewelry box
Office like a jewelry box
  1.  Have a jewelry-tone color palette.
  2. Have dimmer-able lighting.
  3. Install to-the-floor drapery panels.
  4. Have feminine classic furniture.
  5. Have fresh flowers everywhere.
  6. Have one or two collectable antiques.


5 Tips to Create an Elegant Home Office

Honestly, it does require a vision to make things happen specially you are among the chaos for a make-over project.  The office space here is not that really big and in a very old building. It does have an interesting architecture bone.  In order to keep project cost low, we just removed old wallpaper and exposed the old brick walls to keep its originality.  The result is quite amazing!  Here are the major design features:

Elegant Items
Elegant Items

1. A stylish office desk is located diagonally at the corner to make the space look much bigger and welcome guests. 2. Over-sized chandelier is the statement and drama and adds a touch of glamour into the office. 3. A fashionable  pink settee and purple couch contrast with the low-tone historical architecture background to create a comfortable chatting area. 4. Arts on the wall make the space very interesting and artsy. 5. Fresh flowers bring the life into the space. Who wouldn’t want to work here? Kristi http://www.khk-designs.com
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8 Tips to create an elegant Work Space

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It’s Wednesday—the middle of the week. I know how you feel. But we are all passionate about what we do, aren’t we? At least, let’s make the best of current situations and make our work spaces as one of the favorite spots to go since we spend most of our time here.

Here are 8 tips to create a stylish workspace:

1. Clean the clutters.  The chaos is bad Fengshui and cannot circulate  good Qi.  You actually cannot think clearly by surrounding yourself with clutters.

2. Have a lot of natural lights. Natural lights make us feel happier.

3. Have an unique lamp or two.  This will serve both functional and stylish purposes.

4. Have a good storage piece—hide away all of your little items.

5. Have your favorite  arts.  This will personalize the space and truly reflect who we are.

6. Have fresh flowers.  Fresh flowers always make us smile, don’t they?

7. Have simple drapery panels.  This will add a sense of elegancy to the space and make it cozy and delicate.

8. Have soothe  background music on. This will help us stay focus.