Secrets behind High-end Sofa Making

It’s one of those days—exciting but nervous.  Yes, it is when it’s time to check out the final finished custom-made products.  A custom work often involves  a lot of efforts from understanding what exactly clients’ want, how to create that Wow factor to actually making  it.  There are redesigns and every detail counts.  Fortunately, this project ends up  beautifully  thanks to a highly-skilled production team.

It’s a beautiful piece with green velvet from France. Such a romantic tailored looking.

We will share the exact design and looking when we deliver pieces to the client’s house.  Please stay tuned with us.

But here are also some secrets behind making a beautiful high-end piece if that what you are looking for.

  1. First of all, it’s a team.


Each member in the whole  work flow is well-trained and has at least 10- years-experience  for their crafts.  Most importantly,  they have a great attitude and very dedicated.   They are truly looking good in these photos.  Thank each of them to deliver such beautiful pieces.

2. Second, it’s a very complicated work flow to assure each detail is well taken cared of.

All hard-wood construction, 100% kiln dried; Corner blocked, doweled, screwed and glued to prevent racking and to guarantee a long lasting finished piece of furniture.




8-way Hand Tying



Italian Ruby Red Twine to give the extra strength and resilience on the seat.
A foam stripe is applied at the outside edge of the seat to guarantee the comfort for legs when you sit on it. 


With extra-comfort back cushion applied, the tufted back is no more hard for your back.
Soft loose back cushion.
Spring-down option for seat cushions.
Layout fabrics. There are so many tricks on applying fabrics.  Thy either make the jobs or break them.

I hope you enjoy the whole process.

Happy Thursday.


The holiday season is coming.  You may think to get a new sofa or chair.  Such decision is always involved with a big investment.  Please contact us, if you would like to invest beauty, quality and comfort with a great service.

What makes a high-quality Sofa—Part I

We have designed sofas and chairs for client’s project for weeks now.  We have a lot of funs but  challenges as well.  Here are some take-aways on how to choose a quality sofa.  First of all a high-quality sofa needs a high style.   It is such a good idea to  always stay tuned for what’s new,  what’s in and what’s out.  I think your clients will appreciate you very much.  Nobody wants a out-of-date style furniture  when they make a huge investment unless it’s a piece of  antique.   People always want something new and exciting.  That is why we have  Color of the Year each year.   Although people claim they want a timeless piece, it usually comes with some new applications and reflect individual’s personalities and emotions.  So what’s in now?

One of the trends in 2016 is channel-back vintage sofas in feminine colors.    I have some lovely photos to share here:








To be continued…