Holiday Gift Ideas—Tabletops I

We are spread joy all season long. From fashion-forward playfulness, floral classical to organic flair and modern minimalism, here are today’s holiday tabletop gift ideas. (Click Each Item Below To Shop):

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2021 Holiday Gift Ideas—Christmas Tree Decoration

The holiday season is coming, the time to spend merrily with friends and family and the time to indulge in the finer things in life.  From today, we will share some of our favorite holiday decor and gift ideas here.

Christmas Joy Bauble Ornament 2021

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8 Chic And Glam Pieces That Will Magically Transform Your Home For The Coming Holiday season

Plan your holiday season a little bit earlier this year? It looks like this is what everybody is doing now. just considering the continuing global supply chain challenges and likely rising -up shipping costs at the end of the year. So, from today, we are going to present the chic and beautiful trade-only pieces that will make your home chic festive for the coming holiday season and beyond.

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Our Easter Tablescape 2021

We had spent our Saturday for a wildness Easter picnic during our hiking trip. Sunday, we hosted our own Easter party at home after a long run. Here are some of our photos from yesterday’s Easter tablescape.

We had to get up earlier and started to set up the Easter table because of the packed schedule of the day. The morning sunshine was very soft and it is a a good lighting to take some shots. The color scheme of this year’s Easter tablescape is light blush, oatmeal, white and pops pink, red and gold.

morning Easter tablescape

French linen is always preferred for our tablescape thanks to its relaxing and casual vibe.

We use a pink hydrangea as a center piece for the classical Easter pastels.

morning Easter tablescape with pink hydrangea
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7 Ideas For Decorating With Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Feel green today? We just put together 28 rooms we love that feature the color of green. So, sit back , have a glass of green cocktail and enjoy!


A Hallway Featuring With Classical Green Mill-work, Antiques And Mid-century Modern Furniture
A Hallway Featuring With Classical Green Mill-work, Antiques And Mid-century Modern Furniture
pair color of  acid-green and pink on a classical chair
Love the pair of acid-green and pink.
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Our Valentine’s Day 2021 Tablescape

We mainly spent most time outdoor for this Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Presidential Day long weekend. But we still put up a simple Valentine’s Day tablescape. Why not? Life is about celebrting every special moment. If you follow our blog, you may notice that we hike a lot and get inspired by nature all the time, specially those gorgeous coastal plantations in blue, purple and pink. So, for this year’s Valentines’Dy tablescape, we feature color of blue, pink and purple in an interesting mix-and-match set.

Valentine's Day 2021 Tablescape

We love pairing purple with white—-fresh, elegant and noble.

Valentine's Day 2021 Tablescape

Earthy-tone dinnerware has an organic vibe and help create an intinate and warm atmosphere.

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Holiday Long Weekends—Outdoor

After several rains in Feb. in SoCal, we are in full steam to spring. The passing weekends are quite special—-Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day and Presidential Day. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful time with your families and loved ones. We did two-day back-back hiking, one is by the coastal and another one is in inland. It was just so much fun to experience the different terrains. And we set up a picnic after both hiking.

Day One

We always found the most amazing plantations by the coastal lines. The blues and purples are one of our favorite colors to find in nature here. Our this year’s Valentine tablescape color scheme is inspired by these gorgeous colors that surround us whenever we hike in this area.

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Christmas on Rodeo Drive

We love to visit Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills during the holiday seasons. Rodeo Drive is home to the most luxurious fashion houses in the world. There is a pretty amazing lighting show each year and the window Christmas decor of each shop along the street is truly top-notch. This year they has put up an amazing fashion show —-nine huge mannequins bedecked in glittering Christmas trees, metallic gowns, and glowing ornaments, are now using the center median of Rodeo Drive from Santa Monica to Wilshire Boulevard as their catwalk. A tenth mannequin is installed at the entrance at Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way.

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Our Christmas Tabletop 2020

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We had been busy over the 4-days holiday from table setup, dinner prep to local hiking and sight seeing. Today we will share our Christmas Eve tabletop. For this year, we brought in colors to brighten our mood. We feel that traditional holiday color scheme actually makes us feel safe, comfy, relaxing yet upbeat and cheerful. So we use fresh green Juniper garland as our table centerpiece dotted with red Christmas berries and a large red poinsettia .

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