8 Ways to Design Your Home for Comfort and Creativity


In the above photo, facing circular sofas support co0nversation and togetherness.


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Working From Home—5 Chic and Inspirational Home Office Ideas

Guys, day 4 of quarantine at home.  Hope you are all doing well.   Have you  noticed that #WFH is quite trendy at social medias now? It looks like that people are failing hilariously at working from home. Click here and read an article by Fast Company  to get a dose of laughter for your day.

The thing is that you may work at home for 2 weeks, maybe even longer to be responsible to flat the curve of COV-19 burst , the strategy that Dr. Anthony Fauci keeps talking about on each news release and major TV interviews.  By the way, Dr. Anthony Fauci has being served for 5 presidents. Today, he is 79 years old and has to work 19 hours a day and still run 3.5 miles.  We don’t know how he manages to do that but we all look up to him and regard him as a national hero at this special and strange moments.  So please, please religiously practicing social distancing not only for us but also being responsible for the whole society.

Well, you know that working from home actually can be a fabulous experience, Today, we are going to share 5 home office ideas that will make you feel good and inspire your productivity.


1. Minimalism Home Workspace with a lot of natural light




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5 Keys to Create a Chic and Functional Home office

There are 5 keys to create a chic and functional home office:

  1. Have a solid floor plan to think through how you are going to use the space–working desk, lounge area, meeting zone…
  2. Have a chic color palette to make you focus yet relaxing.  The color palette in this project is pink, blue and black. It’s chic, youthful.
  3. Have one strong statement. We painted ceiling in pink. This makes the space very whimscal.
  4. Keep it symmetrical—the key to make small space look bigger and organized.
  5. Have greenery—green plants relax you and put you in a cheerful mood.

Happy Wednesday


Home Office for Daydreaming


During the middle of the week, we all want to take a break.  Wouldn’t be nice that we can just stretch a little bit on a day-bed chaise lounge and go back to work?  Feature design in this project:

  1. bright color wallpaper;
  2. Extra-wide chaise lounge;
  3. Photography of downtown LA Million Dollar Thruster building;
  4. Large blue lacquer polished writing desk;
  5. Chinoiserie objects;
  6. Garden-fresh florals.

Workspace Fantasy


A great office design, for sure, can make us more creative, stay focus, keep learning and enjoy every minute whenever we are in it.  Here are 5 steps to create such a workspace fantasy as we just did:

  1. Make it fresh and keep up with what’s new out there.  Maybe it’s a new color shade or new office gadgets;
  2. Have a big desk counter  and organized storage bookcase.  This will put you in the work mood immediately;
  3. Have upholstered chairs to make the workspace cozy , chic and neat;
  4. Display one or two objects to show your hobbies.  You definitely want to surround yourself with the things you love;
  5. Have fresh flowers.

Happy Wednesday

Elegantly Welcome Spring to Your Home Office


It’s Spring.  We are naturally attracted to the colors, patterns and everything that cheer us up.  March is the season for Spring cleaning.  It’s the time to fresh up your office to reflect your passion, taste and style.  Here are 6 tips we created this elegant office that welcomes Spring.

  1. Go for Spring color palettes; pastels, hot pink, pale yellow, fresh green…
  2. Install tailored drapery that will lend an sense of elegance to your office immediately.
  3. The white-Coffered ceiling is so dramatic yet still keep the overall quiet elegance of the room.
  4. Multi-color pillows with different patterns adds a playfulness.
  5. The hot pink and Spring stream photo art make the room alive.
  6. Fresh flowers, please.

Hello March


Work in progress.   March means beginning of Spring.  Do you have any special plan?  Maybe it’s time to have a new home office.  Here are 6 ways to create an elegant office:

  1. Make color palette simple.
  2. Use drapery.
  3. Have a big work desk.
  4. Have a lt of natural lights.
  5. Hide away your storage.
  6. Fresh flowers.

6 Steps to Create an Office Like a Jewelry Box

When ThanksGiving is approaching, we start to think about the ways to thank our families, friends.  Maybe the first person we should thank is ourselves.  If so, how about to create a newly work environment to stimulate our creativity?   Here are 5 steps to create an office like a jewelry box:

Office like a jewelry box
Office like a jewelry box
  1.  Have a jewelry-tone color palette.
  2. Have dimmer-able lighting.
  3. Install to-the-floor drapery panels.
  4. Have feminine classic furniture.
  5. Have fresh flowers everywhere.
  6. Have one or two collectable antiques.


5 Steps to Transform a Space with High Style

The office Before
The office Before

#Thowbackthursday today! Here is the project we finished last year. The original office was kind of plain and no well-advised furniture plan. The furniture client had was really bulky for the space and maybe too traditional. The goal to transform this space is to make it more energetic, youthful and light. Here are the steps we did:

1. Install geometric graphic wallpaper on the focal wall. The fresh vivid pattern and colors immediately light up the whole space and make it more upscale.

2. The original space had too much wood furniture crowded together  to make it look really heavy. Rather we chose a glossy  lacquer-finished orange writing table and a black-white French console  to make it very delightful, fashionable,  youthful yet functional enough!  The whole space now feel much airy and  bigger.

3. We had chosen this black-and-white artwork on the wall to contrast with the new bright colors and add another layer to the room. Also, the artwork is able to talk to the black-white console.

4. Two pink-pleated crystal chanderliers  make the space very elegant and feminie.

5. Style the desk and chest with flowers. Flowers fresh up the space immediately.

I hope you enjoy this little project tour.

All the Best