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From traditional country to modern chic.

6 Steps to Create a Traditional Dining Room with a Modern Twist

#TBT Thursday!  Here is the dining-room project we did 2 years ago.

dining room-1
dining room-1

The client wanted low-tone yet glamours atmosphere for her dining room. There are 5 steps we took to achieve the goal:

  1. Painted the whole room in blue-gray color to create low-key backdrop for the future furnishings.
  2. Installed brown-crystal chandelier to play the low-tone.
  3. Gold-leafed peripheral of the focal wall.
  4. Stenciled roses in the notch of the focal wall to create whimsical feeling.
dining room in progress
dining room in progress.                                                                                                                                                  


5.Custom-made the mirror in gold leather finish


6. Custom-made cream table cloth and preserved rose arrangement add a touch of modern flair to this traditional dining room.

I hope you enjoy this whole process.



5 Ways to Decorate an Entry Hallway

Entry Hallway by KHK Design
Entry Hallway by KHK Design

It’s a fresh week again.  A grand entry at your home means a good Fengshui and a great start.  We all agree that the hallway definitely makes the first impression and sends the message about who you are.  Today, I am going to share 5 ways to decorate an entry by sharing this new hallway make-over project we just did.

  1. An elegant furniture set makes the focal point and defines the sophistication of the space. For this traditional house, we use more modern  yet still-classy furniture to contrast the old style and bring freshness into the space.
  2. A right color palette make guests feel pleasant and welcome. The ivory, coral, pink and black color palette in this foyer creates formal yet relaxing and soft atmosphere.
  3. A  runner pulls guests eyes down to the floor and draws guests to the house.  The bird-pattened  runner here adds more visual interest.
  4. A chandelier over the display table in the foyer talks to the whimsical runner and is the must for the estate like this.
  5. Pink rose arrangement on the table means Welcome.

I hope you enjoy the above tips.

All the Best


Summer 2015 Hottest Colors for Home—Pale Pink


I don’t regard myself girly but I am obsessed with Pink of all shades. When we do it right in the interiors, it actually can be very classy, elegant, feminine and relaxing.  Pale pink is one of the trendy colors for this summer. It can be used as background wall colors and look great with pops of jewelry tones(hot pink, green, yellow…).  The result is very elegant, vintage yet  relaxing and youthful.

If you are planning some make-overs on your home, I hope this post is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at You are very welcome to check out our website for the projects we did.



6 Tips to have a smooth Mid-century Style Renovation


The client is into mid-century and clutter-free style. . Design features for this project include:

1. Built-in entertainment unit to make the space more open.

2. Sleek fireplace by using large-format tiles: 30″x30″ to instill a contemporary touch.

3. Crystal rocks for fireplace to make the fireplace area  more reflective.

4. Drapery makes the space more feminine and relaxing.

5. Large artwork personalizes the space.

6. Mid-century furnishings.

The whole renovation process went very well. Here are the tips to have a smooth renovation.

1. Plan well by working with the professionals to get the best solution available on the market;

2. Be open-minded;

3. Be prepared for some surprises.  When they do happen, take a deep breath.

4. Have a priority list.

5. Be bold to have a little bit drama in decoration.

6. Communication is the key.

Hope you find these tips helpful.


8 Steps to Transform a living Room



The house is located in West LA. The client bought it last year and decided to give it a face-lift without too much construction going on. Even though the house was in a shabby condition, it has a very good bone. We decided to keep most of its original structures.  Modern classic  is what we  came up with and we believe the style will truly reflect client’s taste. Here are the major features we did for the living room:

1.  Replaced the original carpet with dark walnut wood flooring to ground the room with a timeless classic style.

2. Removed the drop ceiling to make the space airy.

3. Installed wall panels and painted them in Tiffany Blue—fashionable yet classy.  All moldings and trims were also painted in Tiffany Blue.  Applying the same color on the trims and walls will unify the whole room and create tranquil backdrop for the later furnishings.

4. Installed new marble mantle.  The color and the vein on the marble are  kind of talking to the rest furnishings.

5. Applied different shades and textures of cream and gray on furniture to layer the space without tiring eyes.

6. Furnishing the room with modern pieces such as the art over the fireplace and  tailored light-gray roman shades.

7. The big floral pattern on the area rug contrasts with all neutrals and adds a sense of playfulness.

8. Fresh floral arrangements and green plants bring the life into the space.

Please let us know what you think.  If you are interested in getting the whole room  look or any pieces we used here, please email  us at

Thank You