Tour An Urban Chicago Home With A Touch Of Sophistication

We have developed an appetite for tone-on-tone neutral palettes in the past year. We firmly believe that all these neutrals help create a soothing and relaxing home—the ultimate sanctuary for most of us under the current situation. We find out that if we do it right, the tone-on-tone color scheme will make home interiors high style and timeless. The challenge is often on how to create a monochromatic home that has a depth, dimensions and warmth. We came across this urban Chicago home and fell in love with its aesthetic. Yes, it has varied shades of grays and subtle pops of jewel tones— a perfect case study for a monochromatic home that is fresh, clean, modern yet elegant and sophiticated.


chic entry with gray paint

The entry is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Cape May Cobblestone which sets the tone of a crisp, monochromatic palette for the rest of the home. The gray leather on the seats add textures while the dark brown wood flooring evokes a warm feeling. The brass details on the console lamp and the mirror above elevate the entry with a touch of glam. And of course, the loose floral arrangement enlivens the space. You can click here for more ideas on entry design.

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Tour A Southampton Escape Inspired By Cosmo With A Constraint Of Palette

We have actually developed an appetite for the tonal neutral interiors as we have been going through the whole pandemic thing since last year, particularly those interiors with a lot of natural light. Those homes are truly heavenly sanctuaries that allow us to wind down, relax and rejuvenate. So, when we came across landscaping architect Perry Guillot’s Southampton escape on AD, we feel the similar verve and fell in love with this serene escape–a playhouse with a garden that is inspired by nothing short of cosmos and has tonal white stucco walls. Guillot is known for the artfully restrained gardens he has created for such clients as Tory Burch, Aerin Lauder, and Reed and Delphine Krakoff. 


The clipped hollies embrace the main entrance of the playhouse. It looks like the sky is on the earth.

We love how the lush textured sprawling plants contrast with the clean-lined white house.

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Tour a Sophisticated Upper East Side Townhouse Filled With Art And Design

 This six-floor, five-bedroom Upper East Side townhouse, owned by by notable art collector and philanthropist Nancy McCormick, a longtime Lawrence client who’s an American Ballet Theatre trustee and founder of the children’s clothing line Florence Fancy, was just redesigned and renovated by Mexican architect Carlos Garciavelez and New York designer David Lawrence. The home is sophiticated and sumptuous.

Living Room

graceful Venetian plaster walls and hand-embroidered, quilted-cashmere curtains in this classical living room

We love how calming and graceful Venetian plaster walls and hand-embroidered, quilted-cashmere curtains provide a perfect neutral backdrop for patterned furniture and client’s museum-worthy art. The oriental antique area rug has a subtle sheen and patterns to add an extra layer of glam. A cream mid-century chair with the sleek tapered brass legs by the classical fireplace brings in a youthful energy.

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Tour An Airy And Whimsical SoHo Loft

When we came across this airy SoHo loft on internet today, it is such an eye-opening experience for us. Yes, the magical just happens when the modern Italian design flirts with tradition. Let’s take a look together.


A whimsical foyer with vintage pieces

In the foyer, the vintage Billy Baldwin X-bench holding a vintage Gucci bowl sets a whimsical tone for the overall design theme. The floral arrangements in Dior vintage vases are casual,loose yet beautiful. The boar’s skull sculpture and the mirror add character to the foyer. The take-away design lesson in this foyer is to always hunt the things you love and treasure and create special vignettes by layering them up.

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Tour A Sophisticated Yet Livable Portland Oregon Home

It is an art to make a home both sophiticated and livable. Luckily, we came across such a home when we searched inspiration today. The house is located in the historic northwest Portland neighborhood of Kings Heights. It took five years to complete the interiors of this 1922 Federal-style 5,400-square-foot house. The design team did such a great work to find a way to make the home feel open…while still respecting the period of the house.


A Calming Hallway With A Muted White Paint
A Calming Hallway With A Muted White Paint

We love the muted white paint on the walls and all of the natural elements from the rug to hanging bags that bring in a touch of nature. The arch doorways , the details on the doors and a framed artwork indicate a sophiticated taste of the owners.

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Tour An Glam And Elegant Upper East-side Home

We came across this eye-candy home on the internet today and love its simplified classical vibe and neon colors.


The marble floor design is pretty eye-catching and the classical gilded portrait nicely contrasts with the modernity in the entry. Click here to see more entry design ideas.

glam entry with white walls and white marble flooring
chinoiserie console at the entry

The chinoiserie painting on this console really shows the top-notch craftsmanship and makes quite a statement in the entry.

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Tour A Newly Updated 1930s Beverly Hills Gem With Layers And Colors

We came across this 1930s Beverly Hills home on internet and fell in love with its color scheme. The home still keeps its classical originality and has been updated with colors and patterns.

 bar cart in the entry

We love the bar cart in the entry to serve as a console and the sunburst mirror above brings in a touch of glam to the house. You can click here to check our 5 ways to dress up your entry with the drama.

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Tour A Modern California Home Filled With Color And Art

We came across this beautifully designed modern California home on the internet and fell in love with its drama. And yes, it is not a typical Cali mid-century modern house. It is a house with color, texture , art and elegant details. It is a house with full of personality.


glam modern entry

The minimalism architectural form of the house provides a perfect backdrop for the fabulous art collections by the owner. The chic and glam creamy console table with brass hardware at the entry sets the tone of elegant vibe for this house, not even mentioned the top-notch wall sculpture installation above the console and through the house.

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Tour A Reborn California Home With Sophistication And Comfort

We love this California home thanks to its refined yet comfy vibe.

The house is modernized with a classical silhouette.

The house is modernized with a classical silhouette. And the symmetry design of the house gives it a grandeur feel.

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Tour A Well-designed London Home With A Refined Elegance

This well-designed London home has everything we want– a modernized Victoria architectural bone with minimizing detail, a soft color palette of grey and white, a master mixing-and-matching of old and new, the dynamic use of natural materials such as marble, wood and concrete. the top-notch craftsmanship and a lot of natural light.

the living room with  minimized  decor accessories and the classical architectural details

With minimized decor accessories, the classical architectural details are really able to shine and stand out.

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