Workspace Fantasy


A great office design, for sure, can make us more creative, stay focus, keep learning and enjoy every minute whenever we are in it.  Here are 5 steps to create such a workspace fantasy as we just did:

  1. Make it fresh and keep up with what’s new out there.  Maybe it’s a new color shade or new office gadgets;
  2. Have a big desk counter  and organized storage bookcase.  This will put you in the work mood immediately;
  3. Have upholstered chairs to make the workspace cozy , chic and neat;
  4. Display one or two objects to show your hobbies.  You definitely want to surround yourself with the things you love;
  5. Have fresh flowers.

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Happy Wednesday

5 Ways to Create an Elegant Dining Room



It’s right middle of the week. I am looking for something that can cheer me up.  Then I saw this design we did recently. Something in this photo makes me feel soft.  Maybe it’s a group of pastel-colored pillows on the banquette. Here are 5 ways to create formal, elegant yet relaxing dining room.

  1. Have a neutral color palette with pop of pastel on the ceiling.
  2. Install ceiling-to-the-floor drapery.
  3. Mix formal with cozy.  For example, we mix very formal mahogany dining table with this lay-back banquette.
  4. Modern flower arrangement and candles light up this traditional room.
  5. Modern chandelier also adds a touch of freshness to this dining room

It’s all about Comforts and Coziness


Seriously, what will be more important to make home comfortable and cozy?  I doubt that a house with a big mess and plain looking will make you feel homy.    Here are 5 ways to create a home with comforts and coziness.

  1. Have a relaxing and soothe color palettes that inspire you.
  2. Invest a good quality couch that you truly cannot get away from. Make sure you have some cool looking pillows for the couch.
  3. Create some vignettes like what we did in this house: books, tea pot, florals and candles. Don’t you want just relax here?
  4. A lots of natural nights and good lighting design.
  5. Natural green plants and flowers.

I hope you enjoy this!




4 Ways to Add a Touch of Spring to Your Home


It’s end of January and we know that Spring is coming soon, specially here in SoCal.  Isn’t that excited?! Maybe it’s time to bring some freshness into home.  There are 4 ways we did to fresh up this living room  with touch of Spring:

  1. Warm cream wall colors with pop of pink, purple, blush and yellow just like spring bloom.
  2. Have the crystal or glass decorative objects such as crystal chandelier, floor lamp and glass vases over the mantle to light up the room.
  3. Get rid of heavy drapery for winter time.
  4. Yes, fresh roses.

5 Way to Create an Elegant Office


Hello, Monday!  The last Monday of January 2016.  Can you believe that it’s almost a full month since new year.  I hope we all still keep our new year resolutions.   No matter what we do, we all want to have a private space where we are able to recharge and can stay focus.  Here is an office  design project we did in this January. And there are 5 ways to create the space like this:

  1. Choose simple yet chic and fresh color palette. Blush, black and white are the colors for this space.  This color palette is formal yet relaxing.
  2. Have a comfortable chair that you are able to sit for a little bit longer.  And of course, good-looking too.
  3. Have a lots of natural lights.
  4. Have a big bookcase for storage and displaying some of your favorite items.
  5. Yes, fresh flowers, please.




Sunday Kitchen


The best way to chill out on Sunday is to prepare family brunch in a beautiful kitchen with a lot of sunshines.

6 Ways to Create Chic Living Room in an Old House

Here is the living room we just did last week. The house itself is kind of old Meditation style and the owner wants to give it face-lift starting from her living room.  Our intension is to fresh it up while keeping the original architectural bone.  Here are 5 steps we did for this project:

  1. Paint the walls, ceilings and moldings in same color to create muted backdrop  for later furnishings pop up.
  2. Open up the whole room by using more less chunky and heavy furniture.
  3. Different style chairs and sofa make the space more playful.
  4. Use warm pastel colors to make the room lighter and airier.
  5. Plays patterns and textures on accent pillows.
  6. Have brass and guided gold-leaf to give the room classic and expensive looking.
  1. mondaymeeting-2