12 Playful Yet Easy Going Indoor Outdoor Rugs For Your Outdoor Oasis

Indoor-outdoor rugs are not only one of the easy ways to pull together a space, but also they add color, pattern and texture to your outdoor living space, making it as cozy and sophisticated as your indoors.

These rugs are usually very durable. They are mold and mildew resistant. A majority of indoor-outdoor rugs are made of synthetic materials like polyester and polypropylene. These materials are stain-resistant. And many polypropylene rugs are also UV resistant, so their colors don’t fade in the sunlight. Natural fiber rugs can be used as indoor-outdoor rugs as well. Jute, seagrass, and sisal are great choices for an open-air space, and they add lovely texture to any seating area. Like the synthetic materials listed above, these natural fiber rugs are super durable, with the added bonus that they’re made from sustainable (and sometimes even organic) materials. However, be aware that jute and sisal, specifically, should only be used in a covered porch or patio, since these materials are susceptible to mold and mildew and can be damaged by exposure to too much moisture. Seagrass, on the other hand, is water-resistant and non-absorbent, and can therefore handle the elements a bit better.

Indoor-outdoor rugs can be used indoors too, specially for the high traffic areas. However, it will be a good idea to consider using a rug pad with them indoors to add extra cushion underfoot, since most outdoor rugs are flatweaves. Here are 12 of our favorite indoor-outdoor area rugs that will elevate your outdoor living space with coziness and style.

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