It’s all about Comforts and Coziness


Seriously, what will be more important to make home comfortable and cozy?  I doubt that a house with a big mess and plain looking will make you feel homy.    Here are 5 ways to create a home with comforts and coziness.

  1. Have a relaxing and soothe color palettes that inspire you.
  2. Invest a good quality couch that you truly cannot get away from. Make sure you have some cool looking pillows for the couch.
  3. Create some vignettes like what we did in this house: books, tea pot, florals and candles. Don’t you want just relax here?
  4. A lots of natural nights and good lighting design.
  5. Natural green plants and flowers.

I hope you enjoy this!




Live Colorfully and Gracefully


We did this house many years ago and the client would like to add some pop of colors now.  The before photo is missing. Anyway, we used a lot of of grey in this house. It’s time to add some playful components.  Here is what we just did:

  1. Replace the original dark-grey color on the wall with this pinkish grey.
  2. Still keep the original black-white checkered floor to create nice contrast backdrop for the new furnishings.
  3. Pair blush long sofas with pink club chairs. It’s chic, elegant and exciting.
  4. Have the new pastel art that reflects client’s taste and matches the room interiors better.

4 Ways to Add a Touch of Spring to Your Home


It’s end of January and we know that Spring is coming soon, specially here in SoCal.  Isn’t that excited?! Maybe it’s time to bring some freshness into home.  There are 4 ways we did to fresh up this living room  with touch of Spring:

  1. Warm cream wall colors with pop of pink, purple, blush and yellow just like spring bloom.
  2. Have the crystal or glass decorative objects such as crystal chandelier, floor lamp and glass vases over the mantle to light up the room.
  3. Get rid of heavy drapery for winter time.
  4. Yes, fresh roses.

5 Way to Create an Elegant Office


Hello, Monday!  The last Monday of January 2016.  Can you believe that it’s almost a full month since new year.  I hope we all still keep our new year resolutions.   No matter what we do, we all want to have a private space where we are able to recharge and can stay focus.  Here is an office  design project we did in this January. And there are 5 ways to create the space like this:

  1. Choose simple yet chic and fresh color palette. Blush, black and white are the colors for this space.  This color palette is formal yet relaxing.
  2. Have a comfortable chair that you are able to sit for a little bit longer.  And of course, good-looking too.
  3. Have a lots of natural lights.
  4. Have a big bookcase for storage and displaying some of your favorite items.
  5. Yes, fresh flowers, please.




4 Ways to Create an Elegant HallWay



When people do renovations and decorate their home, they always ignore the hallways and rather keep them plain and boring.  One of the important functions for hallways is to keep your guests’ eyes wander.  There are 4 steps we did to make the hallway interesting in this project:

  1. Have the floor-to-ceiling drapery on the wall with openings to make the space unified and elegant.
  2. Have a statement chair against the wall like the love seat we have here.
  3. Have a piece of art. We used a classical gold frame for this modern photography to create fresh contrast.
  4. And an eye-catching chandelier.

6 Steps to Create an Office Like a Jewelry Box

When ThanksGiving is approaching, we start to think about the ways to thank our families, friends.  Maybe the first person we should thank is ourselves.  If so, how about to create a newly work environment to stimulate our creativity?   Here are 5 steps to create an office like a jewelry box:

Office like a jewelry box
Office like a jewelry box
  1.  Have a jewelry-tone color palette.
  2. Have dimmer-able lighting.
  3. Install to-the-floor drapery panels.
  4. Have feminine classic furniture.
  5. Have fresh flowers everywhere.
  6. Have one or two collectable antiques.


High Taste From PDC Fall Market 2015

PDC Fall Market 2015 was awesome! It is always excited to see the new decor items. Here are some snap shots from yesterday’s event:pdcfallmarket

Colors for the Fall

Image 599
Fancy wheel decor
Image 601
Black and white—modern & classic
Image 603
a piece of jewelry on the wall
Image 605
Love the geometric brass base!
Image 606
Image 607
happy gathering
Image 608
glasses on the brass table—stylish
Image 609
love this chinoiserie screen!
Image 610-1
fabric workroom
Image 613