15 Timeless Soft Pink Designs For A Pastel Touch

With Easter just around the corner, we are in the mood for all pastels. Pastels are fresh, soothing, friendly and relaxing. They make your home filled with love. Today, we are going to talk about pink since a little pink can go a long way in a design scheme. The beloved pastel sweetly persists as the shade of choice for people looking to bring warmth and a cheerful hint of color to a neutral interior.

From curvy sofa, cozy modular , stylish chairs and chic rugs to playful artwork , wallpapers and elegant outdoor pillows and umbrellas, here are our 15 handpicked timeless soft pink designs that will add a pastel touch for your spring holiday celebrations.

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The Set Color From Beyoncé’s Epic Oscars Performance

romBeyoncé opened the Oscars yesterday with a dramatic performance of King Richard‘s “Be Alive” that was recorded in Compton, California, where Serena and Venus Williams honed their tennis skills. From the location to the Compton cowboy, there are so many thoughtful details that made Bey’s yesterday’s performance so special. What really impressed us is the set color—the vibrant lime green. From Beyoncé and her backup singers and musicians were all decked out in head-to-toe lime green with white stripes in what appeared to be a not-so-subtle nod to the Williams’ sport. Seriously — even the violins and music stands were color-coordinated. We feel it is quite refreshing. And you know we talk color a lot on our blogs. And yes, there are at least 6 paint color companies that named their color of the year 2022 with sort of green shades. We totally understand that the lime green in Bey’s music set is inspired by the tennis ball green. But there might not be just coincidence.

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First lady Jill Biden Selects An Interior Designer To Re-imagine Her East Wing Office

First lady Jill Biden chose an interior designer to re-imagine her East Wing office: Los Angeles designer Mark D. Sikes.

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Tour Oh Joy’s HQ

We were overjoyed when we came across Domino’s Instagram feed today and was totally amazed by Oh Joy’s HQ. Yes, it is actually very homey. This structure was built next to Joy’s house and serves as an office and guest house. Oh Joy’s founder ,Joy Cho, had successfully transformed her graphic design studio into a life style brand years ago by collaborating with Target, Band-Aid and Keds, etc… . So the concept of her studio/guest quarter is more like a real-life living experiment. Let’s put this way, Cho *doesn’t* work in her new office/guesthouse. Instead she answers emails from the comfort of the pink bedroom and takes conference calls in the color-blocked kitchen, then breaks for lunch in the tropical-wallpapered breakfast nook. Well, would like to take a tour for her “work” studio? Here we go.

Studio Kitchen

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21 Chinoiserie Bedroom Ideas

Chinoiserie has been around centuries thanks to its timeless and elegant design. Chinoiserie wallpaper was used to be a status symbol because they were all hand-painted in the past. With the advanced digital printing technologies, the Chinoiserie wallpaper has became more affordable over the years although we still love to offer our clients the hand-painted ones if they have the budget. Chinoiserie is the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and other East Asian artistic traditions, especially in the decorative arts, garden design, architecture, literature, theater, and music. We have blogged chinoiserie in dining rooms, today we are going to share 21 Chinoiserie bedroom ideas.

creamy botanical garden themed chinoiserie wallpaper in this  all-white bedroom

We love this creamy botanical garden themed chinoiserie wallpaper in this all-white bedroom, adding romantic pattern to the space.

chinoiserie wallpaper

Blue is the most favored color in the world and it is true for the chinoiserie wallpaper too.

blue chinoiserie wallpaper in a classic bedroom

The subtle pastel flowers on this blue wallpaper are simply fresh and beautiful .

silver chinoiserie wallpaper in the bedroom

A subtle metallic sheen on this wallpaper adds a touch of glam to this modern and rustic bedroom.

chinoiserie wallpaper in bedroom
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Tour A Modernized Spanish Revival With Pattern, Color And Texture

When the client said ” go crazy”, it is usually the time that the magical happens. We came across this beautifully renovated 1929 Spanish Revival on internet today and is so pressed by punches of color, pattern and an artful mix-and-matching thanks to the client willing to take a bold step.

Living Room

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Tour A Charming Lauguna Beach Home

Color does affect how we feel. When we came across this charming Lauguna Beach home and immediately fell in love with its sophiticated color palette that is unfolding in front of our eye room by room. . Then, of course, we are amazed by the artful mixing of different styles, textures and the intention to keep and respect the original spirit of the house.


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Tour the Los Angeles Home That Artfully Marries the Old And New

The classical heavy molding combined with crisp clean lines is what attracts us to this unique Los Angeles home. We also love the white color palette with subtlety that helps create such clean yet soft atmosphere. All of the vintage founds in the house make the home feel casual, inviting and interesting. Here are our favorite spaces.

Living Room

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