Top 9 Home And Wellness Trends From Pandemic And Post-Pandemic

Residential wellness design is having a moment thanks to the on-going pandemic and most of us have stayed in home in the past year. Home has become refuge, office, warehouse, gym, assisted-living facility and school room all at once. That has presented both opportunities and challenges and is spurring building and remodeling trends from kitchens to bathrooms and well beyond. Here are top 10 home and wellness trends we have seen in the past year.

  1. There is a surge demand for bidet seats, either to retrofit on existing or on newly purchased toilets and bidet toilets. The bidet seats were typically viewed as a luxury item, now according to the experts, it’s perceived as essential. Just think about at the beginning of the pandemic, COVID-19 drove a mysterious toilet paper shortage. Those with bidet functionality were kings and queens of at least their “throne rooms,” if not their entire castles.
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