Pantone Color of the Year 2016

For the first time, Pantone chose the blending of two shades—Rose Quartz and Serenity as the Pantone Color of the Year 2016. The two shades demonstrate calm, connection, relaxation, as well as a soothing sense of order and peace. Here is our take on Color of the Year.


7 Ways to Create a Fashionable Kitchen

The inspiration from the current fashion weeks is really the color impact. Earthy orange and gray and brown are such a fresh combination.  We did something interesting for a living room project Now, it is time for the kitchen, the heart of the house.  Instead of putting cabinet boxes together, we freed up the space and got rid of most of wall cabinets.  I specially like the idea that the breakfast table is just in the middle of the kitchen.  Ultimately, the kitchen is for use and not for storage.  We are all striving for healthy life style and would like to eat the real food when they are fresh with nutrients in peak. With being more conscious in healthy life style, we actually don’t  need to have a lot of  spaces to install all of the cans and processed food.  Therefore, the design for this kitchen is light, airy, fashionable and relaxing.

a fashionable kitchen
a fashionable kitchen
  1. The color palette of orange, brown, gray and blue is truly channel the new colors from the fashion weeks.  It’s fresh, chic and have a touch of warmth for the fall.
  2. We keep the original architectural details such as moldings and painted all the walls, ceilings and moldings in dark blue to present the originality in a very soft and elegant way.
  3.  Checked- tile floor—timeless and classy.
  4.  Tufted brown chairs add a touch of luxury to this streamed line kitchen.
  5. Pop of orange on the cabinets and chair makes the whole space so fashionable.
  6. The brass British chanderlier with a cream shade adds another layer of classy.
  7. Of course, fresh flowers always make us feel life is so beautiful.

Now it is time to make something this fabulous kitchen.

Friday Eye Candy—8 Timeless Kitchens and bathes

Can you believe that the temperature in LA today is about 100 degree. It’s hot!  Therefore, I put together some quite stylish kitchens and bathes in blue and  color for you. Maybe that will help cool down a little bit.

This is Gwyneth Paltrow's KITCHEN. Love the shade of gray.
This is Gwyneth Paltrow’s KITCHEN. Love the shade of gray.
The color palette has nice contrast with pink. The feeling here is very feminine and fashionable.
Jo’s kitchen—the color palette of blue, black, cream and pink create  a water-color painting.  It’sfeminine and fashionable.
grey kitchen
grey kitchen. Love this light grey cabinets with brass hardware–clean, crisp and chic.
A bespoke kitchen---functional, organized and fashionable. Love the black vintage ranged with brass trim, subway tile and open shelves.
A bespoke kitchen—functional, organized and fashionable. Love the black vintage ranged with brass trim, subway tile and open shelves.
Teal color on the ceiling and cabinets creates visual interest.
Teal color on the ceiling and cabinets creates visual interest.
Gray wall has such nice contrast with crisp tub.
Gray wall has such nice contrast with crisp tub.
Bluish mosaic wall is just so beautiful.
Bluish mosaic wall is just so beautiful.
soft and beautiful
soft and beautiful

Have a wonderful Friday



Kitchen Party
Kitchen Party

When it is a rainy day, wouldn’t be a perfect time to host a party at home? So if you are doing or planning a kitchen revovation , make sure you will have a big island countertop and newly powerful appliances.  Big pedants over the kitchen counter are big plus—they kind of ground the whole space and actually create intimacy. Now, everybody just wants to hang around the island.

Talking about putting the party together, there are some handful tips:

1. Always work on what you have.

2. Write down what you need.

3. Have a theme— for example, dim-Sum.

4. Have in-season flowers and greenery to give it a fresh look.

5. Keep everything clean and keep simple.

6. You always can do better next time.

Have a great Saturday evening!

A Kitchen Remodeling Job-Site

Job Site
Job Site

#tbt Thursday!  This is a kitchen installation job-site 5 years ago. We did the whole cabinetry design, tile work and flooring. The ivory tiles on the wall came from Italy—12″x24″.  Those large-format tiles were kind of new back then, specially the way we applied them onto the wall. We actually used this 12″x24″ tiles covering the rest exposed walls. They looked really cool.  Then we had this fancy floral  black & gold insert to contrast with the ivory ones. The overall looking was very upscale.

A Bespoke English Kitchen


Design & Installation by KHK Designs


Neutral Color Palette


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When the weekend is coming, it will be nice to just sit in this bespoke kitchen filled with natural lights. The neutral color palette will, for sure, brings out the colors of food. The mix of gold & silver, the  modern classic furniture and creamy-shaded British pendants add a touch of luxury in this low-tone and relaxing space.  Maybe, you are in the mood for a small get-together with some Chardonnay.  A bespoke kitchen, a kitchen that is custom-made only for you and will stay timeless. What do you think?

How to Create Slow Living in the Kitchen



“Slow Living means structuring your life around meaning and fulfillment.  Focusing on the quality of your life. … Slow Living addresses the desire to lead a more balanced life and to pursue a more holistic sense of well-being in the fullest sense of the word.”

One of fundamental ways for the art of slow living is to live a mindful life from your kitchen.

Key design features:

1. Open space by removing wall cabinets next to the range hood.  You will be happier in a clutter-free  airy environment.

2. All-natural stone for the counter top and the backsplash. Natural materials make us feel grounded.

3. Vintage range hood for the statement and elegance—timeless beauty.

4. Having in-season fresh flowers to light up your day.

5. Yellow and purple—the colors of June—cheerful and passionate.

6. Stylish pendants over the island—inviting and intimate.

7. Grow herbs in your kitchen—it’s fun.

8. Having a steamer—healthy cooking.