Things We Love III—3 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Home with High Style

We have started new blog series a week ago –Things We Love. Each time, we focus on several ideas and things to elevate and transform your home in a rather construction-free way. You can click here for series I and click here for series II. Read on for another 3 new ideas to beautify your home.

  1. Swapping out your old side tables, bar chairs with Lucite furniture. You are going to be amazed how these adorable Lucite furniture fresh up your space with visual interest in no time.
lucite furniture
lucite dining chairs nodern dining table
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9 Benefits of Acrylic Furnishings

One of the trends in home furnishing industry in 2020 has continued going strong is acrylic furnishings. They are just like glass, crystal clear, light and airy, injecting a very chic, versatility vibes to any room without adding too much visual weight. If you are looking forward to update your home this summer in a clean, modern and glamorous fashion, do consider acrylic furnishings–it can be a bench next to your king bed, a coffee table in your living room, a desk or chair in your study, a chandelier or a tray, etc… We feel excited every time when we incorporate acrylic pieces to our design projects.

So what exactly is acrylic material? Acrylic material is often referred to as Acrylic glass but it does not contain silicates like more common glass products. Acrylic is a chemical polymer and we often refer to it by the brand names: Lucite ( DuPont ) and Plexiglas (Rohm and Haas). The more clear and polished they look, the better quality they are. Polishing is the key process which enhances clarity and luster. Most large pieces and structural furniture components will be polished on a wheel by hand while smaller items may be flame polished. Now you know that hand-polishing always has the finest result. The material was developed in 1928 in several different laboratories by many chemists, such as William Chalmers, Otto Röhm, and Walter Bauer, and was first brought to market in 1933 by German Röhm & Haas AG (as of January 2019 part of Evonik Industries) and its partner and former U.S. affiliate Rohm and Haas Company under the trademark Plexiglas. The earlier application of acrylic material was in aviation. The acrylic bubble canopy was used on aircraft such as the Supermarine Spitfire and Westland Whirlwind, which gave better all-round visibility and reduced weight. We now know how durable acrylic material is!

 There are 9 benefits of acrylic furnishings:

  1. Acrylic has been classified as non-hazardous under OSHA regulations since it doesn’t outgas or release toxins when used as directed:—-Don’t expose to flame and don’t expos to acids.
  2. It is very durable and has much higher impact strength than glass. Under high impact, it will not shatter and if it does break, it fractures into large, dull-edged pieces .
  3. Acrylic can be used over a broad temperature range and has superior weather resistance compared to glass and other forms of plastic.
  4. Acrylic can be formed in a number of ways and create all shapes of beautiful design.
  5. Acrylic is lightweight and approximately half of the weight of glass.
  6. Acrylic takes little or no visual weight of any spaces.
  7. Acrylic furnishings will help update your home with a modern and sleek look.
  8. Acrylic furnishings will not inhibit lighting and this allows more daylight in the home and help promote wellness at home.
  9. Acrylic will help showcase other design elements in the space such as pops of color, patterns, textures.

Care of  Acrylic Furnishings?

Direct sunlight in a climate controlled environment will not discolor high quality acrylic. But it is always recommended to consult manufacturers recommendations for performance.


—Carefully dust surface with a fine duster

—-Use a clean soft cloth dampened with water

—Do not use the same cloth for other surfaces

—Avoid glass cleaners and solvents. Use ammonia free cleaner all the time.

Scratch prevention and restoration

—-Use anti-scratch pads on objects placed directly on acrylic surface.

— Novus 1/2/3 is highly effect product to get rid of scratches.

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An Airy, Light and Elegant Modern Home

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We came across this glamorous house and  fell in love with the interiors immediately. Why?  Because the interiors are  airy, bright , clean-lined yet still have right doses of sophistication  and classical elements.  The home feels livable,  and not over-stuffed.  So, that being said, let’s take a look together.

Classical Black-and-White Checkered Marble Flooring at the entrance really excites our eye and breaks away from the all  hardwood flooring, which injectc freshness, high-style and interests to the home.

Shop the Look(please click each image for product details):

Also what makes this home young, fashion-forward and glamorous are those clear crystal Lucite furniture.  And wait, did you see that awesome geometric pattern on the ceiling—kind of similar to  the pattern on the flooring.

The archway adds interest architecture element to this home.
Pink in the artwork adds a touch of soft pop color–playful, romantic and fresh.
Shop the Look(please click each image for product details):

21.5″ Wide Velvet Side Chair

21.5" Wide Velvet Acylic Side Chair

22” Wide Linen Armchair

22'' Wide Linen acrylic Armchair

Gracinha 21” Wide Side Chair

Gracinha 21'' Wide acrylic Side Chair
Show-stopping, a head-turning accent chair is unique in every way. The combination of bountiful, white sheepskin and clear, acrylic legs will steal your heart.

Tristan 19″ Wide Genuine Leather Side Chair

Tristan 19" Wide Genuine Leather acrylic Side Chair

Tristan Genuin Leather Upholstered Wingback Side Chair

Henriques 28” Wide Velvet Barrel Chair

Henriques 28'' Wide Velvet acrylic Barrel Chair

Then, here comes pale French   blue on kitchen island —soft and light. Shimmering pearl backsplashes are elegant and chic, echoing the translucent Lucite furniture.  Brass trims on the range-hood, pendants and metal fame of the bar chairs elevate the whole kitchen.

We love a touch of brass on the hardware.

Then here is blue geometric patterned built-in banquette talks to the blue kitchen island.

a cozy and soothing breakfast nook.

Shop Bar Stools We Handpicked For You( Click Each Image For Details):

24″ Counter Stool

Counter & Bar Stool

Counter & Bar Stool
Perfectly tailored in crisp white linen upholstery, the tri-leg, barrel back Cruise counter stool exudes mid-century mod style and attitude. Its durable hardwood frame, dressed in matte burl veneer, features a formidable t-stretcher and brass ferrule hardware.

27″ Counter Stool


Such a great design on a wet-bar–simple, drama yet elegant.

We love the Lucite bar stools and gorgeous brass wall sculpture art installation.

Shop the Look(please click each image for product details):

Normandie Counter Stool

Normandie Counter Stool
This bar stool is more compact. Modern and classical in design having shining crafted at legs. It allows dense seating around a serving table or counter.

Gerald 25″ Counter Stool

26" Counter Stool
Gerald 25" Counter Stool

26″ Counter Stool

Shop the Look(please click each image for product details):

Blomus 65193 29-Inch Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Holder


Wine Cellar Innovations Revue 12 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack, 4 FT, Single Deep, Silver, Modern Wine Storage, Earthquake Resistant


Ultra Wine Racks Cork Out Modern Wine Storage 3 Foot (Chrome)


Ultra Wine Racks Wall Mounted Wine Racks (4 Foot 1 Deep, Wrinkle Black)


VintageView W Series One-Sided Floating Wine Rack Kit (21 Bottles, Satin Black) Stylish Modern Wine Storage with Label Forward Design


VintageView Wall Series (7 Ft) – 63 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Rack Kit (Satin Black) Stylish Modern Wine Storage with Label Forward Design


The white-on-white color palette and all open-selfing concept make this walk-in closet light, airy. The upholstered ottoman with acrylic legs make a big fashion statement here.

Shop the Look(please click each image for product details):

Inspired Home Vicky Velvet Ottoman Acrylic X-Leg – Grey

Inspired Home Vicky Velvet Ottoman Acrylic X-Leg - Grey

Blue, pink and cream create such a relaxing, sophisticated color palette in the master bedroom.

Shop the Look(please click each image for product details):


Inspired Home Vicky Velvet Bench Acrylic X-Leg – Black

Inspired Home Vicky Velvet Bench Acrylic X-Leg - Black

Tryrion Clear / Grey Velvet Bench

Modern bench with velvet upholstery and clear acrylic with brushed brass details, clear finish.
Modern bench with velvet upholstery and clear acrylic with brushed brass details, clear finish.