Cutting-Edge Products We Love In Kitchen And Bath

Planning refreshing or remodeling your kitchen and bath? Here are some cutting-edge products we love to share here.

A Jewel In The Bathroom

The AXOR Edge collection is the crowning achievement in precision. State-of-the-art diamond cutting creates masterful lines, grooves and textures that allow AXOR fixtures to take center stage in any bathroom.

Inspired by the French tradition of Arts Décoratifs, AXOR Edge explores the world of extreme refinement. Conceived as sculpture, each mixer is a stunning composition of rectangular prisms. Cut and polished using diamond-tipped tooling from the aerospace industry, every prism radiates like a jewel, with surfaces of unparalleled smoothness and decorative patterns milled to micron precision.

“With AXOR EDGE, we wanted to create an emotion by surprising people. When quality is a must, when competence is a due, then emotion must be first. More than a faucet, each product in the collection is a jewel, a sculpture—a real, functioning piece of art that shares your intimacy for life. That’s my understanding of luxury.”

– Jean-Marie Massaud

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