Tour Pharrell and David Grutman’s Happy New South Beach Hotel

We often get our inspiration from new hotel design because it is where a lot of exciting bold designs happen. Today, we luckily came across this new South Beach hotel owned by Pharrell and David Grutman and designed by Ken Fulk. We know that Ken Fulk often puts on a good drama show that is full of surprises. Surely, we are not disappointed this time.

The first thing that we were drawn to is the color palette, yes a cheeky color palette and we love it— different shades of pink, green, washed peach. Let’s take a look together.


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Las Vegas Winter Market 2020 Trip VIII–Hotel Design


We have written several articles about Las Vegas Winter Market 2020, you can click here for the details. Today we are going to talk about some new designs that really caught our eye when we were there back in Jan.


One of the exciting things for us besides visiting Market is to check out the design in new hotels. Since our time is quite tight, so we just visited one or two new hotels.


Chic and sexy red sofa. Love the texture on it and super soft to touch and a lot of comfy pillows.


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Oheka Castle—the film site for Taylor Swift’s Blank Space

Congratulate Taylor Swift for winning VMA’s  Best Female Video for her 1989 hit Blank Space last night. When I first time watched the video, I was amazed by the beautiful scenes in the video.  Most of scenes of Blank Space were filmed in the walls of Oheka Castle, the famous 109,000- square- foot historic hotel that once belonged to financier and philanthropist Otto Hermann Kahn.  The best way to enjoy the beautiful interiors of the hotel is probably by watching Taylor Swift’s video Blank Space. The belowing is the link. Enjoy!