A Day At Pacific Design Center—West Week 2022

We couldn’t believe that it has been 2 years since last West Week and it was full-house crowd at Pacific Design Center on Wednesday.

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Make Your Dining Room Holiday-Ready–11 Luxurious Dining Sets To Elevate Your Home

If you are like most of us who scaled back the decorations last year in light of a smaller guest lists and more understated tables, this year you probably plan to go big to make up for it. People want to show up and show out for their guests and celebrate. As a result, we are seeing bigger, bolder, and more dramatic holiday trends: show-stopping tablescapes (the bigger, the better!), nontraditional color palettes, maximalist holiday décor, checkered prints, and dried flower arrangements. From the classical elegant to modern farmhouse to coastal chic, here are 11 luxurious dining sets that will elevate your home with timelessness and a touch of sophistication.

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Project Reveal–Spring Refreshing For A Dining Room


dining room before


modern classic dining room make-over

We modernized this traditional dining room with steel gray, photograph art and a large white sculptural vase. The brass vase with roses add a touch of glam to the space. Two steel buffet lamps bring in subtle formality.

To get this look, you can purchase our room mood-board package as the following:

Mood Board Package:

A high-resolution digital mood board which includes all of the materials we use for the design; Detailed specification of each item in the design; Order sources for each item; Offer 3 more similar furniture and furnishing style options to meet your budget and aesthetic at your request. Email and Zoom support.

Dining Room Mood Board Package

A high-resolution digital mood board which includes all of the materials we use for the design. Detailed specification of each item in the design. Order sources for each item. 3 more alternative options for the items we use in the original design to meet your budget and aesthetic.


Interested in our interior design service? Please contact us at info@khkdesignsinteriors.com

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Tour a Sophisticated Upper East Side Townhouse Filled With Art And Design

 This six-floor, five-bedroom Upper East Side townhouse, owned by by notable art collector and philanthropist Nancy McCormick, a longtime Lawrence client who’s an American Ballet Theatre trustee and founder of the children’s clothing line Florence Fancy, was just redesigned and renovated by Mexican architect Carlos Garciavelez and New York designer David Lawrence. The home is sophiticated and sumptuous.

Living Room

graceful Venetian plaster walls and hand-embroidered, quilted-cashmere curtains in this classical living room

We love how calming and graceful Venetian plaster walls and hand-embroidered, quilted-cashmere curtains provide a perfect neutral backdrop for patterned furniture and client’s museum-worthy art. The oriental antique area rug has a subtle sheen and patterns to add an extra layer of glam. A cream mid-century chair with the sleek tapered brass legs by the classical fireplace brings in a youthful energy.

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Tour A 1939 N.C. Abode With a Nostalgia And Timeless Good Style

It’s  Friday.  We thought it might be a good idea to tour a home with some  beautiful colors.  This historic home in Charlotte, North Carolina is graceful, feminine, warm,   and timeless with a modern flair. we love the artisan wallpapers, textiles, old-world charming furnishings and locally crafted fine furniture used through the house.  Here are the highlights of our favorites.




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The Magical Power of Textiles at Home

What makes a house home often is the coziness and warmth that we are feeling. Mid-century modern and stark minimalism have dominated our home furnishing market for a long, long time. When we pay attention to the details of these styles, the interiors usually ,from floor to ceiling, to walls ,  most of furniture are often hard-surfaced. They inevitably give us a very cold feeling. All of the hard-surface can hardly absorb the sounds. But textiles just do the opposite. So if we would like to create a soothing and quiet home, make sure you use different textile applications for our home. Today, we are going to talk about  7 benefits of using textiles at home.

1. They bring in fresh colors, textures and patterns. By doing so, they give depth, dimension and interest to any space. They simply make us feel excited.




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A Relaxing and Soothing Master Bath by KHK Designs

After another busy week packed with endless Instagram Lives, IGTVs, Zoom meetings, designing and reading,…etc.,  we feel we kind of need  some relaxing time in a super soothing master bath.  So, what does your dream master bath look like?  A relaxing color palette, a good lighting deign, natural light and some soft touches like clean-lined silky drapery panels and roman shades with elegant trims … We have it all in the below master bath we designed for the Client.

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It’s All in Details

One of fun things for us to do an interior design project is to customize a piece of furniture that not only fits into client’s space, satisfies client’s needs, but also brings in intricate sophistication by focusing on details. Yes, small details truly matter and they are the final touches to create a dream home with sophisticated interiors you have being desired for many years. Those details can be if your LED chandelier is warm-dimmable, or your home office chair gives your options to recline with comfort, or the sizes of your sofa is long enough and deep enough for you and your family chill out on it or the structure and cushion of the sofa support ultimate comfort  and durability.

Here is an example how we focus on the details of a  lounge chair we customized for the client for her home office. The client wanted a super stylish chair she was able to seat on and relax during her stay there. And the challenge is that only space  that is available is a small corner   and the office door is  pretty narrow for any large scale of furniture to get in.   In order to satisfy client’s needs, we decided to do our own design from scratch and customized the pieces locally. There are a lot of behind-of-door work and one thing I can share here is all of the trims and piping we used on the chair, ottoman and pillow to delivery that glamorous designer-look.


Enter a caption

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5 Celebrities’ Styles at Home II

We are continuing  our  5 Celebrities’ Styles at Home series today to start a whole new week. Today will be our episode 2—Tony Burch at Home.  You can click here to read episode I.

Tory Burch at Home

Tory Burch (née Robinson; born June 17, 1966) is an American fashion designer, businesswoman and philanthropist. She is the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of her own brand, Tory Burch LLC.[1] She was listed as the 73rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2015.[3]

And here is a little bit more info about her on Forbes.

  • Fashion mogul Tory Burch’s preppy-chic lifestyle brand brings in $1.5 billion in sales from apparel, footwear, watches, accessories, and fragrances.
  • The art history grad worked with designers Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang before opening a boutique in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood in 2004.
  • In December 2018, Burch became executive chairman and chief creative officer of the $1.5 billion (est. revenue) fashion company that bears her name.
  • Pierre-Yves Roussel, a former LVMH executive and Burch’s husband, took over the CEO position.
  • In March 2019, Bank of America committed $100 million to her decade-old charitable foundation that has been helping women entrepreneurs since 2014.


New York Apartment

Artfully layered furnishings, each in vibrant shades of red, orange or green, sit by opulent wallpaper or deco-style monochrome walls. Prints—of flora and fauna, geometric, all ebullient—are recurring fixtures. So are artworks, both large and small, Chinese pottery and old collectables. The overall effect is a luxurious riot of bright hues and patterns. “It’s eclectic,” says Burch, “and very much me.”
“I’m not a big collector, not compared to them at least. What I have always liked about my parents is how they used to gather things together, and in the house, not because of their value but because of their style and beauty. I try to do the same with the items I purchase. I just love mixing pieces from different periods. The old with the new.”


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Tour Chelsea Handler ‘s Warm and Contemporary Bel Air Home

Chelsea Handler’s Bel Air home has a good location with a beautiful lush hillside landscape. Chelsea Handler bought this home  10 years ago.  And  she took a lot of efforts to modernize this home, bright it up by using a lot of light colors, and at the same time, make it warm, inviting and  cozy enough to entertain her friends and family here.  We are totally obsessed with the breath-taking California vibe she has crafted  throughout the years–soft, bright, airy, modern and relaxing indoor-outdoor style. She  has a lot of artworks in her house either she purchased by herself over the years or the gifts from her friends. And she said she usually doesn’t have any idea about those artwork until several years later. Isn’t that cute?

We summarize several design highlights we really like about her home below. So get ready for a cup of coffee, tea or glass of wine, sit back and enjoy.

1. Replace some of the walls with floor-to-the-ceiling glass windowpanes to bring in more nature light to create that typical California indoor-and-outdoor vibe.


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