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Home is the backdrop of life.  As we evolve, our homes should too.  Aerian Lauder says” I’v always been inspired by beautiful interiors.”

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6 Tips to have a smooth Mid-century Style Renovation


The client is into mid-century and clutter-free style. . Design features for this project include:

1. Built-in entertainment unit to make the space more open.

2. Sleek fireplace by using large-format tiles: 30″x30″ to instill a contemporary touch.

3. Crystal rocks for fireplace to make the fireplace area  more reflective.

4. Drapery makes the space more feminine and relaxing.

5. Large artwork personalizes the space.

6. Mid-century furnishings.

The whole renovation process went very well. Here are the tips to have a smooth renovation.

1. Plan well by working with the professionals to get the best solution available on the market;

2. Be open-minded;

3. Be prepared for some surprises.  When they do happen, take a deep breath.

4. Have a priority list.

5. Be bold to have a little bit drama in decoration.

6. Communication is the key.

Hope you find these tips helpful.