Monday Inspiration


Hello, Monday!  It’s a fresh start.  It’s a day  to plan and go over the schedule of the whole week. We all have a busy schedule and tones of events to go. Coco Chanel said ,“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”  Let’s do things and go to events that develop us, inspire us, make us much stronger.



Have a Beautiful  Week


Live Colorfully and Gracefully


We did this house many years ago and the client would like to add some pop of colors now.  The before photo is missing. Anyway, we used a lot of of grey in this house. It’s time to add some playful components.  Here is what we just did:

  1. Replace the original dark-grey color on the wall with this pinkish grey.
  2. Still keep the original black-white checkered floor to create nice contrast backdrop for the new furnishings.
  3. Pair blush long sofas with pink club chairs. It’s chic, elegant and exciting.
  4. Have the new pastel art that reflects client’s taste and matches the room interiors better.

The Romance of Air, Light and Beautiful Things


Tasks on Monday always include scheduling the whole week. I like to rise up earlier and do some readings to get inspired.   This will be the perfect room for me on Monday mornings.  The serene color palette of pale lavender, peach and warm grey calms me down.  The stipe wallpaper makes me feel organized and uncluttered. The bright fresh flowers and the blue chandelier sparkle my imagination and make me feel excited and joyful.  Well, what I enjoy most is this airy and natural light-filled atmosphere.   What other places I want to be at this moment?