Tour Oh Joy’s HQ

We were overjoyed when we came across Domino’s Instagram feed today and was totally amazed by Oh Joy’s HQ. Yes, it is actually very homey. This structure was built next to Joy’s house and serves as an office and guest house. Oh Joy’s founder ,Joy Cho, had successfully transformed her graphic design studio into a life style brand years ago by collaborating with Target, Band-Aid and Keds, etc… . So the concept of her studio/guest quarter is more like a real-life living experiment. Let’s put this way, Cho *doesn’t* work in her new office/guesthouse. Instead she answers emails from the comfort of the pink bedroom and takes conference calls in the color-blocked kitchen, then breaks for lunch in the tropical-wallpapered breakfast nook. Well, would like to take a tour for her “work” studio? Here we go.

Studio Kitchen

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