Tour An Elegant and Modern California Farm House

If you are going to have a second home–a vocation home, how would you like it to be? We guess 99% of people would love this vocation home cozy, relaxing and a cool place to chill out. Today we are going to tour an elegant modern farmhouse in Montecito, California. Here are the highlights of our favorites.


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15 Well Designed Rooms Featuring with Rich Earth Tones

We all love  to cozy up in a moody room enveloped with rich earth colors that make us feel safe, warm and comforting. Vibrant oranges and yellows, cozy reds, sunny yellows, sultry greys, and earthy browns infuse spaces with energy and warmth, two things that are always good to have in a room, no matter the season.   Today, we are going to share 15 gorgeous rooms featuring with these warm colors that make us feel happy all day long and year around.


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