8 Ways to Update your Home with Budget

Remodeling is always a such a daunting job for most of home owners.  There are so many factors you have to consider.  Here are 12 ideas can pay them off in the long run.

  1. Paint walls.  A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into a space, tidy up faded walls, and works to set the stage for the look and feel of the room.




2. Paint the front door.

Curb appeal is everything, a fresh coat of paint, polished hardware, and a tidy porch will catch the eye of buyers every time.



3. Paint kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where family and friends hang out together all the time.  The instant make-over of your kitchen is to paint those cabinets.   Paint can work wonders on everything, and kitchen cabinets are no exception.  If you like kitchen and colors, here are some inspirations.


Click here to lear how to paint kitchen cabinets

4.  Invest in architectural details such as millwork and trim.  The moldings and frame always give a home a sense that it is ‘finished’ and can make people feel that the space has been carefully constructed with quality.

Alyssa Kapito, Holiday House 2017, NYC.
Alyssa Kapito, Holiday House 2017, NYC.


10 Top Tile Trends for 2018

It’s always fun to apply Italian tile design for our projects.  From large-format sizes, fashionable colors, to digital prints, graphics,  and even embroideries, they are always artsy, edgy, cool and romantic enough to play with.  Here are top 10 trends from CERSAIE 2017.

Fun graphic design on tiles.
Muted and romantic.
Quiet elegance




Breakfast Room Before-and-After

From traditional country to modern chic.

Before and After


Thinking about doing a makeover for your home in 2017? Check out the project we just did:


What a transformation!

Happy Tuesday


5 Ways to Create Formal Casual Home Style



#TuesdayTransformation again!   Here are 5 steps we did to make this entry look traditionally formal yet chic, modern and relaxing:

  1. Keep all of the original panelings and paint them in glossy black to unify with the black checkered floor.
  2. Choose modern classic furnishings—traditional furnishings with clean lines.
  3. Use jewel-tones on the chandelier and objects to brighten the space.
  4. Have the striped-pattern wall scones to echo with the checkered floor.  The geometric patterns make the space very cool and modern.
  5. Fresh flowers make the space alive.


















Tuesday Transformation

It’s Tuesday transformation case study again.  Here is the project we did 2 years ago—the notch area.  This recessed area is just opposite the powder room.  There is not that much day light.  The purpose after transformation is to impress the guests once they exit the powder room.  Here are 4 steps we took to make it very stylish.

  1. Tile the whole recessed wall with light-yellow floral tiles to create an artsy and playful backdrop.

duringprocess  2.Install gilded gold-leaf mirror to light up the space and add a touch of elegancy.

3.Have a modernized regency console sit against the wall. The same style bench completes the look.

4.A yellow Murano glass bowel with red roses  serves as jewelries in this notch area.

Suddenly, the whole area transformed to a well-dressed lady.


5 Steps to Transform a Space with High Style

The office Before
The office Before

#Thowbackthursday today! Here is the project we finished last year. The original office was kind of plain and no well-advised furniture plan. The furniture client had was really bulky for the space and maybe too traditional. The goal to transform this space is to make it more energetic, youthful and light. Here are the steps we did:

1. Install geometric graphic wallpaper on the focal wall. The fresh vivid pattern and colors immediately light up the whole space and make it more upscale.

2. The original space had too much wood furniture crowded together  to make it look really heavy. Rather we chose a glossy  lacquer-finished orange writing table and a black-white French console  to make it very delightful, fashionable,  youthful yet functional enough!  The whole space now feel much airy and  bigger.

3. We had chosen this black-and-white artwork on the wall to contrast with the new bright colors and add another layer to the room. Also, the artwork is able to talk to the black-white console.

4. Two pink-pleated crystal chanderliers  make the space very elegant and feminie.

5. Style the desk and chest with flowers. Flowers fresh up the space immediately.

I hope you enjoy this little project tour.

All the Best




Summer 2015 Hottest Colors for Home—Pale Pink


I don’t regard myself girly but I am obsessed with Pink of all shades. When we do it right in the interiors, it actually can be very classy, elegant, feminine and relaxing.  Pale pink is one of the trendy colors for this summer. It can be used as background wall colors and look great with pops of jewelry tones(hot pink, green, yellow…).  The result is very elegant, vintage yet  relaxing and youthful.

If you are planning some make-overs on your home, I hope this post is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at info@khk-designs.com. You are very welcome to check out our website for the projects we did.