Weekend Travel—Los Angeles: Cha Cha Cha

The hottest reservation in L.A right now is the first U.S. outpost of the popular Mexico City restaurant by the same name, built and designed by architect Lena Kohl, who is based in L.A. and Mexico City.

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Tour a Maximalism Coffeehouse in SoHo

Maximalism may start to thrive in residential design but for restaurant and hospitality design, we more often still see a lot of mid-century and minimalism design. Today, we are going to tour an over-the-top coffeehouse, from the wallpaper to the trims to the rich jewel colors, we just cannot get enough of it. Under the current pandemic crisis, we believe more is more and more. By touring this And maximalism coffee house, you may be inspired to use some of its decor ideas for your own home.

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A New New York Vintage Restaurant in Vegas

Whenever I go to Vegas, I always love to schedule some time to check out the new restaurants.  Ken Fulk is one of my favorites designers based in New York and I follow his Instagram. He recently posted this awesome restaurant he designed —Sadelle’s ,  Bellagio.   It is kind of  vintage New York vibe, very chic.  I really like the color palette–pink, green, blue and gold— he used for the restaurant and decided to visit this time for my KBIS trip.


This is the shot from Bellagio Botanic Garden. Love all pale-blue ceilings and wall panels.  The first impression—very un-Vegas but Paris-inspired instead.


Animal-print on the chairs

love how he plays drapery panels

Open air yet still inviting and intimate thanks to the elegant to-the-floor drapery panels.

Overview the Botanica garden

Lounge area with a lot of curves. 

seating area—love the emerald green couch and flower pink chairs


 Pleated brass wall scones—classic vibes

I think the main successes  for this restaurant project:

  1. Vintage and classic color palette;
  2. Drapes and upholstery soften the 10,000 square foot space
  3.  Intimate lighting complements soft furnishings, wood tables, brass accents, mirrored walls and coffered ceilings.


What about food–“a breakfast-centric morning, power lunch spot mid-day, and a dinner experience at night right in front of the resort’s Conservatory and Botanical Garden as the backdrop” Click here and see reviews from foodies