Friday Before-and-After

The client did the drapery and  furnished the family room by herself.  But she doesn’t quite like what she did for herself  and would like to upgrade this room with a more appointed looking.  Based on what we understand about her, what she likes, dislikes and her obsession with small fancy things.   Here is what we did:


  1. Replaced patterned drapes with solid-green   silk draperies paddling on the floor to create a soft and elegant backdrop for the whole room and continue the green theme from other rooms.
  2. Replaced the sofas with more modern and stylish looking pieces. Those two sofas set the tone immediately after we put them in.  Pop of pink and green on the pillows picks up the colors from the artwork by Paule Marrot over the fireplace and also makes the room alive.
  3. Newly installed black-and-white carpet anchors the whole room and makes it classy and upscale.
  4. Created tabletop vignettes by using black-and-gold objects to talk to the floor color scheme and reflect the client’s personality.
  5.  Install another  Paule Marrot’s artwork.

The overal result is classy, upscale, feminine, elegant and vibrant.

Feel the Spring


The first Wednesday in April!  We feel summer in Los Angeles.   It’s a beautiful season to see the full blooms everywhere.   In case you are planning to do some makeover.  The best tip I can offer now is to bring some natural inspirations to home.  You will feel fresh, happy and exciting.  Here are 5 steps we took to make this Spring-feeling living room.

  1. Install floral wallpaper with the bright colors;
  2. Upholster sofa with white linen to make it feel organic and natural;
  3. Have several chairs upholster in bright yellow fabric to brighten up the room;
  4. Use dark silky drapery to create nice contrast with the floral wallpaper and pastels;
  5. Have a lots of fresh roses and greeneries.

Happy National Decorating Month