Sunday Vibes

We like to take a casual walk at a neighborhood coastal resort  after a long run on Sundays. the late afternoon glow, the Mediterranean architecture details, french cafe, rose gardens, the sea not that far and the sunset…etc. are just like a dream to me.  Wouldn’t be nice to take a little get-away over the weekend to recharge once a while?

I always like the Meditation stonework.
Lush rose garden always make me feel great
a coffee moment with some fresh flowers



late-afternoon laziness
Now, it is sunset time.
Candles make me expect a romantic and peaceful evening

In case, you would like to incorporate some aged Mediterranean pieces for your interiors, here are some of my picks:


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Wedgwood Wonderlust Bowl 4.3″ Blue Pagoda

Wedgwood Cuckoo 10″ Sandwich Tray

Wedgwood Harlequin Cuckoo Tea Story 12-1/2-Ounce Teapot

Sunday Farmer’s Market

One of my favorite things to do on weekends is to visit the local farmer’s markets.  I can truly enjoy myself by strolling around and literally get inspired by garden fresh and little cute vintage founds.  We have quite a few in Los Angeles.  I go to different ones for the different weekends.  Here are some  shoots I took today.  Fall hues and textures in the farmer’s market are so gorgeous!  I cannot wait to work on some fall-themed table settings next week.   It was such a pleasant experience to immense myself in fresh veggies, flowers, home-made foods in this beautiful Southern Californian fall sunny day!


love the deep rich fuchsia hue!

Such a sunny color with the lime under-hue.

Happy small plants.

It’s always so handy to have some live hers in the kitchen.

I love use succulents for my floral arrangements.  They last really long.

Love pinks!

Cute pink trailer!

Time for my coffee break.  Love this outdoor container coffee shop! Love the warm fall hues here.

Some cream puffs. Love the lavender and royal blue color palettes.

Time to chill out with the ocean breeze.

yummy and good-looking!

Happy Sunday!