Our 10 Favorite Cali Casual Living Room Pieces From New Amber Lewis for Anthropologie

Anthropologie teamed up with California Amber Lewis for a third time to offer more items for the home with the launch of its new collection called Simple Pleasures. The collection offers furniture, lighting, mirrors, textiles, home fragrances and more which is inspired by the SoCal designer’s laid-back carefree coastal style. “This collection is a purposeful curation of natural woods, muted leathers and unique textiles that set the scene for a welcoming home where there’s always room for one more,” Lewis said. “A little bit bohemian, a little bit Cali-casual, my airy collection artfully blends colorful patterns, dreamy silhouettes and vacation vibes.” “I hope this collection inspires consumers to create a versatile space that not only looks good, but feels good,” Lewis added. Here are 10 of our living room favorites from new Amber Lewis for Anthropologie.

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The Magical Power of Textiles at Home

What makes a house home often is the coziness and warmth that we are feeling. Mid-century modern and stark minimalism have dominated our home furnishing market for a long, long time. When we pay attention to the details of these styles, the interiors usually ,from floor to ceiling, to walls ,  most of furniture are often hard-surfaced. They inevitably give us a very cold feeling. All of the hard-surface can hardly absorb the sounds. But textiles just do the opposite. So if we would like to create a soothing and quiet home, make sure you use different textile applications for our home. Today, we are going to talk about  7 benefits of using textiles at home.

1. They bring in fresh colors, textures and patterns. By doing so, they give depth, dimension and interest to any space. They simply make us feel excited.




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5 Ways to Bring Florals to Home

One of the trends in the recent years is that people more prefer the modern interiors with soften touches. These can be  soften color palettes,  silk or velvet fabric choices or floral patterns on textiles, decor objects or surfaces.  The floral patterns can work as an magic wand for any interiors.  They light up the home with a touch of elegancy.  The keys to make them look fresh are 1)just use right amounts of the patterns; 2) have a contrast with surroundings; 3) with a modern twist.

In case you are in the process to bring more spring cheers to home, there are 5 ways to bring  florals to home:

  1. Upholster an accent chair with floral-patterned fabric to live up any rather darkened spaces.

An floral patterned chair always make us feel moody and romantic.

2. Yes, a floral tablecloth please.


A floral tablecloth instantly light up this corner. A spring party is ready.

3. A floral daybed drape.

Ladies, this is how we pamper ourselves—a  cozy den, a floral drape and fresh flowers.  what else can we expect?

4.  Floral Wallpaper.

In case, you are tired of white walls…

5. Artworks themed with flowers.

vignette example.jpg
A moody moment. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


A Charming Farmhouse

This adorable farmhouse is truly my inspiration for Monday.  I am in love with the whimsical fabric through the whole house.   The house is where bedding  designer Bailey McCarthy spend weekends with her family.


love this airy dining space.  The floral pattern on the round dining table adds a touch of sophistication to this grandma’s rustic farm house. The pink lamp shades are  icing on the cake.  The lime-green on the chairs really please eyes and makes the space fashionable.

Love the pink check sofa and chinze daybed. Who wouldn’t want to chill out here?

A Modern brass victorian pendant echo the origin of the house in an updated way. Love the contrast.

The olival green walls create such a soothe  enclave to rest and wind down.

If you tour the whole house by clicking here


I hope you can find inspiration from the tour.