Podcast: Episode 8—Cocktail Talk

Our weekly Cocktail Talk is to break up from our daily work routine and have a talk over cocktails about everything that interests us. Today’s talk is our Episode 7. In today’s episode, we talk about home trends, (specially focus on home office), Cape Cod cocktail (see below recipe), new smart home technologies . We list the resources below. So please enjoy!

Cuba Libre (rum and coke)

2 oz light rum
garnish with lime wedge.

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Happy Thursday

Home Trends 2021–Wine Cooler

We spent quite a lot of time to enjoy wines at home in the year of 2020 and we probably will continue doing so in the year of 2021. If you are like us and appreciate the sublime taste of a wine at its peak, you probably understand the importance of key elements such as temperature and light in preserving the delicate taste of this treasured libation.

A wine refrigerator or cooler helps keep the wine tasting best for a longer period of time as well as improves its taste. The growing interest in drinking wine is driving the production of residential wine refrigeration products – from large, advanced refrigeration systems to undercounter units to built-in refrigerated dispensers.

We summarized some of the leading trends in wine refrigeration from some of the recent reports (we will constantly update this blog)as followings:

• Homeowners are seeking features that work for the way they enjoy wine and entertain with it, including separate cooling zones for both red and white, a mode for deep chilling white wines and more.

• Display shelves in warm woods and other upscale materials are being added to wine refrigeration units for those who want to showcase their collections.

• Interior LED lighting is now available in a range of color options, including colors that switch from one to another, to deliver a distinctive look to the kitchen or wine serving space.

• Quiet motors and anti-vibration elements are vitally important in the design of wine chillers, as vibrations can damage delicate wines.

• Wine refrigeration interiors are becoming more flexible to allow users to store and display their collections according to their personal needs.

• Safety features, including alarms to notify when a door is left open, tempered glass to prevent UV penetration and safety locks to keep children out are key elements in the design of units.

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